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My Night of Terror

Archie, Alberta, Canada
February 2008

I have so many experiences with ghosts and other beings or spiritual beings but one in particular scared me as a child and this is the one I'm going to share with you.

I lived in a little house with my three other siblings and my parents of course me and my two sisters shared a room (because it was a house with two bedrooms) and my parents in the other room with my baby brother.

It was a nice little house calm and peaceful. Everything changed on my older sisters' 7th Birthday.

My grandmother has this tradition to buy my sister a doll, not one of those little barbie dolls but the three foot high dolls. To tell you the truth, they all freaked me and my younger siblings out.
Well on that day she opened all her presents and my grandmother went and got the doll from the boot room. She was so happy with it, but when I first saw it, it gave me the chills. Just something about it scared me. A few days went by and nothing happened.
All that changed one night.

I got up late to use the washroom and the doll was sitting on the couch staring at the television. It creeped me out. I ducked down low behind the couch and made it to the bathroom, i closed and locked the door. After I washed my hands I heard a sound and it came from the living room. I was so scared that I didn't even want to open the door. I eventually had the guts to un-lock the door and bolt back to my room. I was so terrified that I eventually scared myself to sleep.

Later on that night my little sister woke me up and she was crying. I eventually calmed her down and she said "The Doll is on the floor." I looked down and saw that the doll was standing right by the bed staring up towards me and my sister (My sister and I slept on a bunk bed). I was totally freaked out. From the last I remember the doll was on the couch and my door was closed. My sister and I threw our pillows at it to knock it down. After we did we climbed down as fast as we could and bolted to our parents room. My dad woke up asking what's wrong and we told him that the doll was staring at us, he took us back to our rooms and he grabbed the doll and placed in the boot room and closed the door and locked it.

I was never scared so much in my life. My older sister said it scared her that night too so she went and slept on the floor beside my mom. She asked my grandmother to take it back because it scared us and she said she'll keep it at her place for as long as she wanted her to. A sign of relief and comfort came over me when she agreed to what my older sister asked her. But as I got older I was used to things like that.

I'm now eighteen, just enough to not scare me as much as that doll did.

Archie, Alberta, Canada
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