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My Not-So-Scary Stories

Kate, MD, USA
July 2002

Before I tell you my story, there are some things you might need to know.

My mother’s part of the family is, well, weird. Most of her side of the family has had ghost experiences, and I'm not the exception. Now about my house.

My house is a lot alike on every floor, even the basement. My room (on the second floor), the living room (first floor), and the computer room (basement) are in the same place. On each floor, those rooms seem to be colder or warmer then the rest of the house. Also, one of my favorite cats, Rocky, died in the same room I am in now (the computer room). Now to the stories.

The first story took place in my room. It was about a week or so after we found Rocky dead, and I was heart broken. I was on the edge of my bed, trying to take my mind off of the death with some TV, when I saw a black cat like figure jump from the floor to one of my dressers out of the corner of my eye. I turned quickly, thinking it was Rocky (he would always do that when he was in my room) but nothing was there. After that, I felt better about his passing and that he was there, watching over me.

The next story took place in the hallway right outside of my room. It was around 1:00 A.M. and I had gotten up to go to the bathroom when I saw a figure or a person slightly crouched down, as if ready to up, but as so as I stepped back in fright, it disappeared.

While on the subject of figures and all, a few days ago, I was surfing the net, like always. I was looking at the monitor when on one of the cabinets next to the computer, I saw what I thought was a man’s head. Thinking it was my dad and he had come home early, I continued on with what I was doing when I heard the front door unlock and my dad calling my name. I looked at the cabinet, but of course the shadow was gone. I was alone in the house when I saw the shadow. Also, one day when I was cleaning the main TV, I saw a young boy in the kitchen. I whipped around to yell at him for walking into someone else’s home, but there was no one. There would not have been enough time for him to run off without me seeing him.

My last story is really my sisters, "Lisa" (changed the name because she doesn't want her friends knowing about it). She was about 6 at the time. She was sick and in bed. I was at school, my dad was at work, and my mom had gone to get "Lisa’s" homework and stuff. My little sister said when she woke up, she heard children talking and what sounded like playing inside the house. All of the TV’s were off (I know because I make sure they are ALL off before I leave for school) and no one was outside.

Those are all of the spirit experiences my sister and I have had!


Kate, MD, USA
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