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My Old Haunted Apartment

Amber, PA, USA
May 2007

I used to live in New York City. We lived in an apartment for 14 years. I never used to believe in ghosts when I was young… until I saw one.

It was the middle of the night when, for some reason, I woke up. It was odd because I sat up in my bed as if I had never been sleeping. I laid back down to see if I could fall asleep again, but I couldn't. So I decided to go out into the living room and sleep on the couch with my dad (it was a small apartment, so my mom and dad gave my sister and me the bedroom). I walked out into the living room and laid down on the couch with my dad, who at the time was dead asleep. I was waiting to go back to sleep but found it impossible. So I turned to the back of the couch and started tracing the patterns with my finger.

Then, for some reason, I felt like someone was watching me. It took me a while to turn around, but when I finally did, there stood a Caucasian girl and boy (my family is black, so it couldn't have been my sister, and if so, where did the boy come from?). And for that particular moment, scared couldn't cover what I was feeling. Pure fright sounds better to me. I quickly pulled the covers over my head like most kids do when they get scared. After a minute or so under the sheets, I still felt like someone was watching me. So, me being me, I decided to take the cover off of my head and see if they were still there.

Sure enough, they were. Yes, I was still scared, but as they looked—I'm sorry, I mean stared at me—I guess you could say I got used to it. I lowered the sheet from my whole face, and as soon as I did that, the girl covered the boy's eyes. I stared at her, completely confused about why she did that, and just when I was about to get up to touch her, my sister walked in and they disappeared.

That morning, my mom called and told me that she was worried about me all night (she was at work). When I told her what happened, she said she believed me because she had seen a shadow of a skinny old man in our kitchen. Once she told me that, I knew the reason why some of our food would be missing and turn up months later, pots from the cabinet would fall for no apparent reason, and things would throw themselves from one side of the kitchen to the other.

After my frightening experience, I never heard or saw those two ghosts again. It still sends chills up my spine whenever I think about it.

I can't believe I was about to touch them!

Amber, PA, USA
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