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My Old Home, My New Home

Annie, Sweden
April 2006

Until about a year ago (I'm soon 17 by now) I used to live in a nice, big (pink...) house on the countryside. We did have neighbours, but only one that was actually beside our house. The rest you had to take a walk to, or the bike.

I don't know really where to start, because I don't know the exact order of all the things that happened... They weren't really BIG things, just smaller, every-day stuff.

The house is three floors (top floor is the attic which was remade into a room about four years ago) with a basement. It's soon 100 years old and lay beside a big meadow for the horses, where I was told there are Vikings buried. This all has perhaps something to do with the spirits, I don't know because I never checked.

If I'm not wrong, I sensed about three spirits in that house. One of them, the one frightening me the most, was in the stable behind the bushes, where there was also a pond. I usually never had any problems going there, actually I could sit there alone, in the autumn near Halloween, in the rain, and just sit there and do nothing. But then I started feeling threatened by something. If the door to the stables were open, I never wanted to pass it, especially not if it was dark in there. It's not a big stable; only two boxes and a room for hay. It was that room that was the scariest. I'm not sure why. It felt like as if I went in there, "something" would get very mad with me... However, this spirit I only sensed for about a year before I left the house. But it sure did scare me.

The other spirit I felt in the room on the bottom floor where I played piano. See, if you come in through the entrance, there is a hallway in front of you, with windows on the right, kitchen on the left, and this "fine living room" at the end. I had my piano against the wall with some sofas behind me. And I could always sense someone behind me, I always checked the reflection of the sofas in the piano (it is painted shimmery black). Then, when I would go back upstairs, I would get a feeling of slight panic, especially if I was alone. "It" followed me. If I stopped, it felt like it stopped just behind me. Then, when I'd come to the end of the stairs, it would stop following me, not coming with me upstairs (thank God...). Then later on I dreamt about the entity. It was a small boy, who looked like he came from the Victorian times. Not a rich boy though. Perhaps he was a boy working in the house or in the stable. Sometimes it felt like he wanted my protection, that he had decided I was his new "mom". I never saw him, except from in my dream, but he was always there, and sometimes I had to ask him to leave.

Then also, one day when I sat playing piano, I looked out in the hallway and saw the faint torso of a rather shabby man with shoulder-length hair which I think was reddish blond. He then disappeared and I never saw him again.

Once at summer, I sat in my sister's room reading. She had two rather big doors (I think it had been the main bedroom) of which one was open. It was all sunny that day, nothing scary, but the rest of my family was outdoors, so no one was indoors, not even the dog. Then I looked up and saw a leg passing by the door. It looked as if it belonged to a child at age 9 or so, but you never know... It was bare footed, no pants, nothing. It also looked a little bit burnt. I just stared at the place for a few minutes. Then, as I have a habit of doing, I just tried not to think about it. I wasn't really scared, just... taken aback, if you see what I mean.

We had a dog at the time (she's still there, living with my mom's boyfriend, from who we moved) named Alice. She'd sit with me in the sofa one night (it happened a couple of times). The sofas upstairs where the livingroom is, stood at the time facing the stairs and the attic door. She was asleep, but then suddenly lift her head and watched the staircase. There was no one else at home. Then she followed with her head "something" moving from the stairs to the attic door (which had a habit of opening itself a lot. It even did so in front of my friends, and we went all quite, and I had to stand up and go "oh don't worry, it does that all the time!"), and then she'd stare at 'it' for a while, and didn't stop until I told her to. Then she'd go to sleep again. I hated those moments.

The first time I saw something there, and was actually really scared, I was 8 years old and home alone all night. We had another sofa then, but it was turned the same way as I said before. I was sitting in the v-corner of it when I just looked backwards to my room and my sister's room that were opposite each other, with just 1 m between (she had switched rooms with our brother). Then I saw a tall dark shadow with a 'face' that was red, 'floating' from my room to my sister's. It seemed a bit classical to me, like a sheet-ghost with a long face. Only mine was black and red. I was so scared I called my mom and cried in the phone, but I never told her what I had actually seen until not so long ago.

My room had a presence that I never really saw. I felt it all the time, I was never alone. Sometimes were worse than others, but most of the time I could live with it. Once when my mother was sleeping in my bed with me (I was scared...) I woke up in the middle of the night, hearing something that sounded like music. Then I could hear a laughter. It sounded not distant, but still not THERE. Not a pleasant laughter either. Talking about sounds, my bed was at the wall which was against my sister's room. On her side of the was she had a book-case. This one night she wasn't at home. Then I heard something in that book-case fall. It was a quite loud sound, but not loud enough to get my mom coming down to check. I didn't mind it, I was too tired, but I did think about it the next day. Of course, when I checked, nothing of particular size laid on the floor...

Then we moved, my mom and I. To an apartment more into town. They're in the older part of the town, but not old as in '100 years'. They're from the 50's, I think... Anyway.

At first I didn't think much of it. I liked it, of course, and I thought YAY, no paranormal activity! But of course there would be, due to my great luck, and due to me finding out I'm actually quite 'open'.... yipee.

First thing I noticed was a presence. Especially in my mother's room, and she noticed it as well. I gave her a dream-catcher and an amulet with various things in it, and it seemed to help HER... Nothing serious happened the first 6 months or so. Then I started to feel more bad about it. From then til now, I have seen flickering in the air (you who can see ghosts should know what I mean), movements in the corner of my eye, a feeling of being watched... I was sitting at the desk in my room one day. If you do that, you can always see out through my door, and I saw it through the corner of my eye. My mother was at the balcony, smoking and talking in the phone, when a shadow or whatever it was passed my door. I looked up, stared for a while, and then got back to my drawing. Strange.

Here I have discovered the phenomena with things disappearing without reason. I love chocolate milk, and my mother had bought a new package of chocolate powder, but without telling me. She had put it on the top of the shelf in the pantry, so I didn't see it. Then one day she comes telling me, "Annie, you have to stop drinking the chocolate milk so much, it's not healthy" and I said "But we have been out of the powder for like two months now, mom..." and she said "No, I bought a new package like two weeks ago, and now it's empty". I have no idea where it went. And it's just the two of us living here. There have been various small things disappearing, or changing, breaking and so on without any of us doing it... Of course, she thinks it's me, but it isn't.

Lately the stuff have increased for some reason. The past few days I haven't been able to go to sleep properly, I don't really dare to turn out the lights. Only three days ago I was laying in bed, listening to music in my Ipod, when something TOUCHED me! It has never happened before, so I was scared. I never go screaming or anything when things happen, but it sent a chill down my tummy. It felt like a somewhat wet finger poked my left cheek, dropping some water that ran down my cheek. Then, yesterday I saw a red mist-like thing 'swooping' through the air right in front of me. That was a bit scary too... Part from that, I've lately felt very watched in the room, I always see small "lightnings" in the air. It's like small flashlights turning on and off very quickly. I also see some things that resemble of movements, but without a source. AND, if someone can see orbs with their own eyes, it's me! It's weird, I know, but they do look like orbs, only they aren't there for as long as they are on ghost videos and such. I see them raise, or fall, for a couple of seconds, then they're gone. I just hope it's huge dust-balls...... though I don't think so....

Whatever it is plays with things, making them sound. There's a corner in my room that always sound with a click-like sound at night. My computer also gives that kind of sound, but that might be because it's a comp...

I almost every night have to tell 'it' to leave me and mom alone, and that if it now HAS to be here, then stay in the kitchen or living-room till morning, so that we can sleep alone. Sometimes it works. Not lately though. I have to try again and again. I just hope it's my uncle or my great grand-mother, like my mom told me it might be. I was told by a medium I'm still too young to try and contact the spirits myself, and that's a pity, because then I can't talk to them, and see who they are, and perhaps make them go to the other side...

My mother has told me about things she's seen as well, and I'm sure I've forgotten something, but that'll be in another story then. Until then, hope you enjoyed it, if that's what one does with ghosts... 'cause I don't!

Annie, Sweden
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