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My Old House (1)

November 2005

Let me begin by saying that the following events were more paranormal than scary, but they do seem to frighten a few people and even myself to this day. On to the story:

I believe my old house/neighborhood may have a bit of history to it and may be haunted. I say neighborhood because a lot of our old neighbors reported similar experiences. I've had 2 personal events that happened to me and then a few other little things. Here we go:

Experience #1

It was sometime around June 1998 or so. I was 7 at the time and my sister had just turned 3. I remember it being a weekend because we were both watching cartoons at about 11 AM. Our parents were upstairs sleeping in and the two of us were watching Nickelodeon in the Living Room downstairs (We had a basement, 1st, and 2nd floor). The way we had the couch positioned at the time, there was one end that stuck out a little past the wall that connected to the entrance to the Living Room. If you turned around you could see the hallway and stairs. During Rugrats (I think that's what we were watching) my sister and I had just heard a loud crashing noise from the kitchen, it sounded a lot like a vase falling to the floor and shattering into a hundred pieces. Both of us turned to look into the hallway leading to the kitchen. To our horror we both caught a glimpse of a gray blur (It was human size with no distinct features) just blast down the hallway and disappeared into the closet. As I said it was just a gray blur, like a cloud, but it definitely had a human shape. Needless to say, my sister and I both screamed and woke our parents up, they didn't seem to beleive us. We never saw anything like that again, and nobody has ever come up with an explanation for what we saw.

Experience #2

The following event happened to just myself. I believe it was about May 1999 this time. It was my sisters (BTW her name is Sarah) birthday party because I remember having a ton of relatives over. I was now 8 years old. My Mom had told me to go take a bath because it was getting late (9 PM). As I walked upstairs I noticed that it was darker than usual, WAY darker than usual. This creeped me out a little, but I just shrugged it off. I was the only person upstairs at the time, the ONLY person. I left the bathroom door open when I hopped in the tub because I was always scared of being alone and I wanted to make a quick dash downstairs if something happened. About a minute into my bath I looked into my parents room (it was visible from the tub). I don't know why I was looking in there, but as I did, their TV turned on by itself!!! Not only that, but about 10 seconds later it turned itself off! I was downstairs within the next 30 seconds and I was crying because I was so scared! My Dad believed me and that made me feel a little better.

Before we moved to our current house we had a few little things happening like doors opening by themselves, footsteps, etc. I do remember though that I hated my closet. There was always a feeling of sadness by it and I was always afraid to look at it at night, I always thought someone was in there.

At my new house nothing MAJOR has happened, but I do have 1 odd experience.

My Aunt had died of a heart attack on May 24, 2002. Everybody in my family was shaken up and felt sad. One particular morning in June, (I believe it was 9 AM Sunday a month or so after my Aunt died) something woke me up. I don't know if it was naturally or instinctively, but my mind kept saying "look into the hallway". I did so and what I saw shocked me! I saw an white orb (A little smaller than a soccer ball) floating about 5 feet in the air, going down the hallway towards my sisters room. Once it reached the bathroom door it popped! I don't know what it was... I was the only one who saw it! If anyone knows what it might have been, please tell me!

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