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My Old House (2)

Amy Rood, Washington, USA
December 1998

Hello, my name is Amy Rood. As of 1998, I am 15 years old. I saw a spirit in my bedroom when I was around the age of seven or eight. I was the only one who claimed to have seen the thing even though my entire family admitted to hearing occasional footsteps in various parts of the small rambler home.

The house wasn't a place someone would look at with a glance and say, "Now THAT place is haunted!" With this in mind, not a lot of people believed my story. They simply told me that since I was young and had an imagination, I could very well have imagined it. True, but they weren't the ones who saw it. I was. Therefore, only I can make that conclusion.

My mom told me that it could have been my Guardian Angel. I wasn't so sure, for I had been deeply frightened by what I saw.

It was very early in the morning. Probably around 6am. Like always, I was the first one to wake up. Knowing everyone was asleep still, I just simply sat up in bed and waited there quietly until someone woke up. I didn't bother doing anything. I just sat there. That's when I looked over my shoulder and briefly saw a woman walking THROUGH my door which my mom had closed so the TV wouldn't keep me up at night. I instantly put my head under my pillow, scared to death. From what I remember, it was a woman wearing a long skirt--kind of like a pioneer woman. And it didn't have a face. It was just a black hole. And it was entering my room. I never saw the figure after that. But I remember that house ALWAYS scaring me.

Sometimes, while alone in the house, I would feel scared to be there for no reason. I remember always (when I was home alone) going outside on the front lawn and just sitting there looking at the house because I was too afraid to go inside. And the house always seemed to be looking back at me. I would wait there outside until someone came home. When questioned about it, I would just say "The house is scaring me...." I hated being there by myself. It was creepy. I felt unsafe. Unwelcome.

We moved out of that house when I was around ten years old. I am glad to be away from there. I feel the house had eyes.

Why was I the only one to eyewitness it? Why did these things happen only when I was home-alone? Why me?

Amy Rood, Washington, USA
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