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My Old House (3)

Jamey, NC, USA
September 2007

I live in a house that was built in the late 1800's by my great great grandfather.
There have been many deaths in this house. I have had many unusual experiences in this house but only one stands out to this day.

My five year old daughter and my two year old share a room and they have all of their toys and what-not's in there.
One night about four a.m. I was sleeping real hard and was jerked from my sleep by a scream so loud that my ear drums hurt. My daughter had apparently had some kind of sighting of her great-grandfather. He wasn't a pretty man and he was deaf. So she started to tell me this story of how he shook her bed and sat on the end of it and wanted to know where Carroll and Dean were. Now my five year old is pretty smart but she wasn't aware that she was talking to their dead father. And when she couldn't tell him he got really mad and started screaming at her, and it really scared her. In the mean time my two year old woke up and started screaming for me. I came running in and flipped on the light and they said that he just left through the door. I didn't see him but sometimes we can hear him moving his chair or the bed upstairs on the old floor. And hear people talking in the old cellar. But now when the old man comes looking for Carroll and Dean my daughter just tells him that they are not home now they will be back later.

Jamey, NC, USA
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