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My Old House (4)

South Carolina, USA
November 1998

When I lived in Hershey PA, I had two very unusual happenings. First, I was about 12 years old, a friend brought her Ouija board over, we were playing with it and asking away, then I said to the board's spirit, " Terry, can you make the flame of this candle as tall as me?" the pointer went to yes, and nothing happened to MY candle, the candle in my Mother's room all of a sudden was HUGE!!! Mom and I tried to blow it out, but it did nothing at all, so she got some baking soda and threw it all over it, and it was out. I returned to my bedroom and asked the board if it was responsible, and it pointed to YES. The second strange happening, was when I was 14. I was asleep, I woke up and looked over to a flash go off in my room, I saw the reflection in my mirror. I got scared and hid under the covers. I asked my mom why she took my picture while I was sleeping, she said she was never in my room and was sleeping herself.

South Carolina, USA
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