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My Old House In Rockville, CT

August 1999

Well, it starts like this......

My family ( consisting of myself, my mom, my dad, my 2 little sisters, and my little brother ) moved into this house located in Rockville, CT. ( 220 East Main ST to be exact). My mom was the first to really experience anything.

Every night around 2:30 am, she'd be woken up by the sound of someone's footsteps going down the hallway towards my room and the stairs. The footsteps would go all the way down the hall to my bedroom ( which was at the top of the stairs ) then stop. Keep in mind that the hallway had wall to wall carpeting. So did my brother's room. The bathroom, my room, and my sisters' room were the only rooms that were not carpeted. The stairs were also carpeted. Downstairs was almost completely carpeted, with the exception of the foyer and the kitchen. I'm mentioning this to you because when my mom heard the footsteps they sounded like they were on hard wood flooring, not on carpet. Shortly after the footsteps would stop in my room, she'd hear them again leaving my room and headed down the stairs. Quickly, after realizing that it wasn't me, she'd wake up my dad.

My dad, only in his boxers, would run downstairs with his rifle and check every inch of the house to find nothing. The doors and windows were always shut and locked and so he went back to bed ( always ticked off at my mom for getting him up to go chasing after some dream she was having - that's what he called the footsteps my mom would hear....a dream). Meanwhile, my sisters and myself would call the footsteps my mom's little friend.

I remember asking her all the time if her little friend stopped by last night. I always got the same reaction from her. She'd get upset and ask herself if she was going nuts. After a while, though, the footsteps stopped. I think they stopped around my 12th birthday (October).

It had to be in the later part of November of 89' that I first experienced anything. I was asleep in my bedroom when I felt, all of a sudden like I wasn't alone in my room. I always made sure my closet door was closed because it kinda freaked me out when it stayed open. When I looked towards the closet ( I was facing it ) I noticed that it was open. I felt very cold and could actually see my breath. The window across from my bed slammed open and I saw it crack in one of the panes. It was a very long crack. Of course, I was terrified. I didn't move, didn't scream. My eyes were wide open and I was staring into my closet. Then, I saw it. I saw a small green ball that was kind of floating. It looked like cotton candy or smoke and it was getting bigger. It was getting very big and was starting to look like a person coming out of it. It was a woman. She was dressed in early 1900-1920's styled dress with a faint flowered print. There was a green glow around her and she was smiling right at me. At this point, I couldn't scream or anything. Anytime I tried, nothing came out but whispers. That usually happens when I get scared. Anyways, the lady walked up to the side of me and smiled down at me. It wasn't an evil smile, like I took it at first, but a friendly smile. She touched me on my forehead first, then the side of my face affectionately. I was too scared to take it as a friendly visit. What really scared me was when she started to walk away. She would turn towards the door and walk away, but it would repeat that over and over and over again. Turning and walking away, turning and walking away. Finally, she was gone and I'm not sure if I fainted or fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, my window was open. When I went to shut it I noticed the long crack going down one of the pains of glass. This scared me because I knew the night before wasn't a dream. Well, I decided to keep this to myself and not tell my mom or dad.

To speed things up for you...In the time I stayed there in that house I was pushed down the stairs when I was the only one home, almost strangled in my parents bed, had things thrown at me by something I couldn't see, and here comes the worst of it....... I was about 14 years old when this happened.

My dad had gone out for a while. So, just my mom, sisters, brother, and I were there. My mom was on the phone with my grandma, my brother was there with her. My sisters were in their room across from her's, and I was brushing my hair. I had just jumped out of the tub and was getting ready for bed. I remember that I was in my brother's room. I heard my mom hang up the phone, then I heard the front door burst open, then slam shut. I heard footsteps stomping around downstairs. So, I first thought it was my dad home early and in a bad mood. I finally realized that it wasn't my dad and ran to my mom. I told her a man was downstairs. She was just about to call 911 when we all heard it come onto the landing. At that time, I was very close to my grandma. It was no secret that I was her favorite grand kid. Whatever that thing was on the landing of the stairs knew it, too. My mom had gathered all four of us kids into her room. She had just picked up the phone to call 911 when we all heard it call me. It was my grandma's voice. It called out," Stace!!" I almost ran to the voice thinking it was my grandma, but then it hit me that my mom and her had just hung up. My mom pushed me behind her so that she stood in front of me. We could hear it slowly coming up the stairs as it called out to me, " stace....stace...." (my grandma used to call me that all the time.) My mom called back, " go away! You can't have her, I won't let you take her!!" Still it kept calling out my name in my grandma's voice. Next, my mom had my sisters and my brother stand around me (so, I was in the middle of everyone...kind of like in the middle of a tight circle) and we started to go down the hall very quickly. We were praying the rosaries the whole time. When we got to the stairs, we heard very loudly, " Stace!!", like it was right in front of us, but still calling for me. I was crying, like everyone else was. As we ran down the stairs we felt this ice cold wind blow through us. We just kept running. We ran out the door and across the street to our neighbor's house. We stayed there until my uncle came to pick us up. When he got there to pick us up, we jumped into his car. We wanted to get out of there fast! As we drove by the house slowly, I saw a figure in my parents bedroom window. It was the figure of a man. Though all the lights in the house were on, he looked like a black shadow. He was tall (very tall) and wore what looked to be a black jagged crown. One of his hands looked like a claw. His eyes were the only thing that didn't look shadowy. They glowed red, like coals. As we drove by, in seconds, he was in another room looking out another window at me. My mom, also, saw it. My uncle turned to see, but denies if he saw anything.

I went to live with my grandparents after that night. I did eventually go back, but not on my own free will. My parents had to drag me back into that house kicking and screaming. Of course, there were other events that happened in that creepy house, but I won't bore you anymore.

Thankfully, we moved out a couple years after. Now, I'm happily married and living in New Hampshire with my 10 month old little boy. I still have spiritual experiences often, but nothing like my old house in Rockville, CT. I swear on my marriage and my child, that what I've told you is the truth.

Thanks a lot for your time and I'm sorry that I took so long.

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