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My Old House on Bailey

Camillo, Michigan, USA
June 1999

First off...this story is totally true. It is what I experienced in my old house.

Ok let me start off, it was about 1987 when we still lived in that old house. The house was kind of spooky, but one thing IT WAS REALLY SMALL! We had about 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a living room, a small kitchen and a little basement. When I was a little kid maybe around 6 or so, I was sleeping at night, when I woke up to an awful stomping noise. The noise did not bother me at first but then it started getting annoying. I woke up and looked around my tiny room, outside of my doorway I saw a big blotch of bright white coming from the outside of my doorway. I knew right then that it was a ghost, I could not make out a face at all, nor could I tell what it was. But it seemed to be walking in place. Not floating just walking in the same motion and same spot over and over again. I wiped my eyes, and looked. There it was. I did it several times after, it was still there. I figured it did not want to do any harm nor do anything destructive so I curled up in my bed until morning.

There is another time I had a ghostly experience. My brother and I were home alone. We were 11, 12 or so. We kept hearing people talking in my basement. We didn't dare go down there. So my brother and I, thinking of how brave we were shouted down into the basement, "SHUT UP!" and we threw stuff down there. But still the talking resumed. We weren't really frightened, just a little curious about what it could be. We could not make out anything, like what they were saying. We did make out that one was a woman and another was a man.

Another experience I had was when I was a little older and it was my brother Shane's birthday party. We stayed up pretty late that night, having like 7 friends or so over we were having a ball. It was about 3:00 a.m. in the morning and my father kept telling us to go to bed. So finally everyone fell asleep but me. I kept hearing noises in my living room. Then I heard a noise coming from the hallway, like someone walking over to us. I thought it was my father and acted like I was sleeping. I lay my head down to the side. The person or should I say what I thought it was..."My Father" was standing right in front of my face. I did not dare look up thinking of getting spanked or hit. So I peered open one of my eyes, and peaked a little at the shoe. it looked to be like a Construction Work boot. Suddenly my dads alarm went off, and the person or "Ghost walked away" my dad got up form bed and I knew I had just witnessed the presence of a ghost.

Oh yes I knew for sure this house was haunted but I knew the ghosts in it would do no harm to me or my family so I stayed cool with it.

Other stories evolved too, like one time me seeing a black figure staring into my sisters bedroom, but my brother saw it better then I did. And another of my brother and his friend walking into my driveway late at night when no one was home and seeing someone creeping around in the house. And the last one, I heard before I moved, was a lady singing Broadway in the basement when all the lights were out. The house is creepy and whenever I go by it, I just remember of all the experiences I had.

We moved to a different house now and still live there today.

A message out to all you people. If you ever see a ghost you may be frightened but most of them were just people like you and me. They have feelings, mostly if you see a ghost in your house, then that probably means they still have something to accomplish that they never did in their past life time. You shouldn't be frightened. And sometimes a ghost can be useful, I heard a story before where a guy got locked out of his house and the ghost always unlatched the door for him.

Camillo, Michigan, USA
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