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My Own Ghost!

Karlos, Manchester, UK
August 2002

Not really a ghost story, but it was very late one night and I was tired. It was the first time I had browsed your site. I was off work with food poisoning and I could not sleep. So I went over to my PC to do some late night surfing.

I am very interested in any ghost stories or pictures, so this site was a lucky find! But as I was looking at the ghost of Newby church. A picture that I have loved since being a small child. Just as I began to stare into the picture my monitor started to click and jump between screen modes. As I mentioned before I was very tired, and had no other lights on. Only today I bought a large mirror for my flat, and have placed it at the side of my PC. As my monitor began to flick black and white, I jumped and turned away from it, only to catch a glimpse of someone looking right at me! I leapt from my chair and landed hard on the floor, well I was looking for some scary stuff. Guess I really did spook myself, I'm not going to admit to what I almost did!

Thanx 4 such a great site.

Karlos, Manchester, UK
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