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My Papa Wasn't Ready To Leave

Alicia Adams, MI, USA
May 2002

I was about seven years old when this tragedy happened. My papa died. It was from natural causes, old age, but I missed him nevertheless. Before his death, a before, he called my mom up and told her to bring me and Angela up to see him and Grandma. She said she wasn't sure if she could make it and he answered that it was very important. We were unable to go that day, but that night I had a bad dream. In my dream my papa came to tell me he would miss me but he had to go. He was standing next to a river up by our summer cabin. I started crying and begged him to stay. I also said that if he left me I would never forgive him.

I woke up crying and ran into my mom's room saying "Mom, mom! Papa left me! He left me! I told him to stay, but he wouldn't! We gotta go see grandma. He left me mom! He left me!" She didn't understand what it was that I was crying about. She unsuccessfully tried to calm me down. She promised that we'd go see grandma and papa tomorrow. I tried to make her see that papa wouldn't be there, but she wouldn't listen.

The next day we went to my grandparent's house. My grandma's face was white and drawn when she saw us. "Celia. Paul...he...Paul died last night." My mom started crying. She just cried on and on. Eventually she looked at me. "How did you know? Why didn't you explain it better? How did you know?" It was then when we found out that I have more sensitive psychic ability than many. But the events that were to come to pass would be noticed by more people than just me.

The burial service was held a few days later. Looking down into the grave I felt like I would suffocate. My papa would be stuck in that hole forever I realized. At the thought felt a chill of apprehension go up my back. I knew in my own mind that my papa wouldn't stay there.

When we went home that night our full blood wolf dog was cowering in a corner and growling at the couch. It was warm in the house, but as I came near the couch it was deathly cold. After about an hour it warmed up. The next day I woke up to see my papa standing over me. He opened his mouth as if to speak to me. I scrambled out of bed and ran into the kitchen. I wasn't scared of him in the least, he was my grandfather after all, but I was angry that he had left me. My mother stared at me in surprise when I burst into the kitchen. She asked what was wrong. I answered that I was mad at papa and now he wouldn't leave me be. She frowned as she thought about what I had just told her.

That night it was below freezing in the house. My sister and I went into my parents room to try and keep warm. My parents were cold all night long, whereas Angela and I soon complained of being too hot. My mother distinctly heard me say, "Papa it's getting too hot in here. We only wanted to be warm." At that our area cooled a bit and we slept soundly the rest of the night.

Eventually I gave in and yelled out to no one that I loved my papa. After that we had no more ghostly encounters. But before that there were many more than I myself can remember.

Alicia Adams, MI, USA
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