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My Parents And My Sighting of Bunny Man

Anonymous, USA
February 2011

One day when I was 9 my dad decided to tell my brother and I the story of Bunny Man Bridge. While he was telling us the story he told us, "This story is true. Wezi (my mom) and I have both seen him."

I asked my dad to tell us the story of what he saw and my dad said, "Well when your mom and I were about 16 we went to Bunny Man Bridge and once we got there in the middle of the bridge I slammed on my brakes. We saw a full body black figure crossing the bridge. When I got up close to the figure I put on my high beam light (strongest lights in a car) and the lights went around the figure, it sillhouetted the figure. The man just stood there and looked at us for about 1 min then he walked through the wall on the other side of the bridge. Your mother and I were curious so we parked the car and went through the bridge, felt the wall and walked on top of the bridge on the train tracks. About after 2 minutes of walking the train tracks, a train started coming so we jumped and lied down in between the two tracks. In the story it says if you see the train lay in between the two tracks and you will see bunny man running after the train, so we lied there and we didn't see him chasing the train but yeah that was an experience with a ghost I will never forget."

My brother and I were both excited by the story so we made my dad take us and now I pass that story on to my friends and my dad, mom, brother and I take my friends to Bunny Man. About my 3rd time going I took my friend Alexia and we took a camera. I took a bunch of pictures and in about 3-5 pictures we have either a face but only the outline of the face and we got a picture of a man's body. The first time I saw those pictures but now when I re-look at them I said to myself, "One day I will see his full body back figure like my parents".

So both my parents and I have both had experiences with Bunny Man.

Anonymous, USA
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