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My Personal Ghost

Sara, Florida, USA
May 1999

Let me get started by saying that I can't stand people who lie.. so while this is a long recount of my life with my personal ghost, it is completely honest and truthful. As nutty as it gets, even my mother and friends can tell you what they have experienced themselves being around me.

When I was little, I lived in a tiny place in Indiana. It's so small, it's not even on the map.. 14 houses, surrounded by fields and woods. That's it. For as long as I can remember, I played mostly on my own. My brother and sister are older than I am, and they had their own things to be doing. Playing with the little kid wasn't important most of the time. I wasn't completely alone, though. Marc was always there.

Marc wasn't a *real* person. I always knew that. He wasn't solid. He was sort of blurry, but I could see him well enough to be cool about it. When I was old enough to talk my parents would find me in my room, talking to someone they couldn't see. Marc always left when they showed up. I think he was kind of scared of them. Anyhow, my dad told me when I started getting older that he thought there was something wrong with me. I just wasn't right in the head. My mom didn't think so though, because she watched me when I didn't see her standing there, and later on, she told me it made her feel better about being non-social with the neighborhood kids.

Marc went with me most of the time. I got teased by my brother and sister about my imaginary friend. Things happened that they dismissed. Things disappearing and reappearing someplace else. Radios, TV's, alarm clocks with a "mind" of their own. I laughed at them. I knew what it was. It was Marc, trying to make me laugh. When I was about! 13, my parents and I moved to Florida. Marc came with us. When I was 14/15, I was hanging out with a crowd that my parents just didn't like. I can see why now, but I still talk to them, and I still miss them. I stayed in a house with 15 people most of the summer between my 8th grade year and freshman fall. Things happened in that place.. and all 15 of those people can give their own experiences. Nothing major, so I won't get into it. Marc drove the animals crazy. 3 of those 15 people ended up in prison, and out of all of those people, only 5 of us were female. 3 of those girls were over 18, myself not included. The oldest was *Libby*, and she was engaged to one of the guys that was arrested. One day we sat outside on her porch, crying over letters that we got from them, and at how much we missed them. No one was inside the house, but we had the door open. Marc was always around, like he still is.. so I wasn't too freaked out by what happened. Libby and I sat there crying, and as soon as she said "I wish I could hear our song", the radio that was inside the house changed stations, and the song that came on was the song the 15 of us had designated "our song". We cried harder, and she sort of laughed and thanked Marc. She knew all about him by then.

I didn't know his name at the time really. I just called him Flower. It came from childhood, as cheesy as that name is. She put her head in her hands, and I leaned my head on hers. The day had been still since morning, and as I sobbed on her shoulder, a sudden gust of wind came up and blew my hair out of my face, drying the wet streaks on our faces. Then the wind stopped. I met someone through a friend that summer, named Krys, and to this day she is my best friend. Apparently, upon our meeting, Marc decided he didn't like her much. The first time she came to spend the night at my house, she "met" him. She was laying on my bed facing the wall trying to nap, and I was sitting against my door drawing in my sketch book. Next to the bed was my large chest of drawers, my stereo on top of it, various things on that. A glass candle holder was in the middle of the stereo, and had been sitting there for months. I looked up just in time to see it fly off the stereo at Krys's head, narrowly missing her temple as she jumped when I yelled. There was NO way that it could have simply fallen. Chalk up another for Marc. Other things happened, her things came up missing, to be found in the garbage, the contents of her bag spilled on my floor after we returned from being outside, no one else in the house. Marc didn't like her for whatever reason, and I don't think he does now.

At her house once, I sat on her bed with her, when her stack of CD's came across the room towards the bed. Not a large room, so they didn't have far to travel. I screamed FLOWER! And it stopped. She and her boyfriend at the time stayed with me once, and slept on the floor in front of my night table, which had more various things on it, including an oscelating fan. This was in a new house by this time, my mother and I moving after my parents divorced. Marc must not have liked Krys's boyfriend either then. First, shampoo bottles that were on the stand fell over on the two. Then, the fan started to tumble. I caught it inches from the boyfriend's head, which it also would have gotten Krys, as close as they were laying. Having *actual* ghost problems in this new house, with someone other than Marc, the place was a battle field of strange and annoying happenings. The ghost went away after a blessing from my grandmother, but until that, it was noisy. I believe Marc tried to get this ghost to leave, and it didn't want to go. Doors CONSTANTLY slamming, found open after being closed.. the refrigerator open an entire night.. lights coming on when myself or my mother were trying to sleep. My mother and I actually got to see this new ghost, and hi-tailed it into her bedroom after being totally freaked out by this being we didn't know. Marc didn't scare either of us. Sitting in her room, calming down, we hadn't lived there long, and she didn't know what happened to the temperature controls for her water bed. She jokingly asked Marc to help her out, and a penny hit the television stand at the foot of her bed. I picked up the penny, and it had left a nic in the cabinet doors of the stand. I opened them up, and there was the temperature controls. I ran away one summer after a fight with my mom, and went to stay in the next town over with my boyfriend at the time. I got up and went to the bathroom late one night, and when I returned, Jimmy was sitting up in bed with the sheets pulled close to his chin, shivering and white as paper. I asked him what happened, and he stuttered, telling me that when I left the room, someone started whispering to him. I said "Don't worry, it's just Flower." I explained it to him, and laughed it off. We turned out the lights and got ready for sleep. I tried to scare Jimmy more, just because I thought it funny. I told him to just wait until Marc grabbed him. He tried to laugh it off, but I could tell he was still scared, which made me laugh more. I had my back to his chest, my arm on his leg, when it happened. I didn't think it would, but it did. Jimmy jumped nearly to the roof as a chilly feeling slid over my hand and a few inches down his leg, very swiftly. Chalk up another. He was scared to death.

My mom was always interested in paranormal phenomenon, as was my aunt Jonie. We went to Casadega, Fl, just for some psychic readings for a little fun. Casadega is known to Florida natives for being the psychic town. The people that live there are mostly all mediums in some area or another, aura readings, past lives, palm readings, seance, you name it. Aunt Jonie took me into the house of a medium she knew. I never mentioned Flower. THe medium did all the talking for me. She told me his name was Marc, described what he looked like, which was right, from seeing him, as blurry as he was, as a child. Unfortunately, I was dismayed that no one else could see him, but she insisted that she could. She told me his story, which I didn't believe, and I don't know if I do to this day, I never investigated, yet it's said I can find the proof.

Apparently, Marc was in a band in the 70's, and while not very popular, it was still well-known. Marc and his fiancee had died in a car accident shortly before I was born, and if I look it up in the obituaries, (I don't know how to, never tried but I'm sure it wouldn't be hard). There is a picture of Marc and his late bride-to-be. The medium told me I look EXACTLY like her. Marc is attached to me, because, she said, I am his fiancee reborn, and he is here to see me through life until I can be with him. It's scary to think that I might have someone else's soul with mine, but from time to time I run across things that appeal to me that aren't normally in my taste at all. I don't know if I believe this explanation, but there is a piece of truth that rings clear in my head. Is this her, trying to show me that it's right? I don't know. I'm almost afraid to look for that picture.

There were more happenings with Marc, doing things to people, one was a case that even I wouldn't believe if I hadn't been there when it happened. I dream about him from time to time, and I can feel him. Although talking with him out loud went away as I got older, I can still hear him sometimes. A whisper here and there, usually when I'm distressed or upset.. or ask him a question. Nearly everyone in my life has experienced Marc in some way, except for my fiance. He hasn't had anything happen.. but I think it's easy to say that it just hasn't happened YET. The extreme accounts I've encountered with Marc since I learned who he was I won't get into. This is long enough..

I have no reason to lie, and nothing to gain from this, so I hope maybe someone out there can tell me if reincarnation really exists. It's strange to me, but I live with it. Always have. Thanks for reading. Marc and I will be off now.

Sara, Florida, USA
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