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My Personal Ghost Part II

Florida, USA
October 1999

my personal ghost, in May I believe, and how he's been with me since I was born. He's believed to be a former musician named Marc. There have been many, many experiences in my life of Marc and his own activities and interactions with people I know, but I must say the most recent two are truly the most frightening and intriguing as to the way Marc works.

In July I met the son of a couple I'm friends with. We'll call this son Dave. Dave is two years older than I, and upon meeting we decided to have a go at hanging out. We did, and have been inseparable ever since. The similarities between the two of us never seem to stop. He's like a male version of myself. Dave is in a local band as the lead singer. I went to practices of the band's, concerts, and helped out with promotions and whatever I could.

Towards the end of July, the band decided they had enough money to go into the studio and record a CD. Naturally, as we've been inseparable since meeting, I went to the studio too. I didn't go alone. We sat in the studio for 4 days while 'my boys' as they like to call themselves recorded. I went in as well and sat behind the glass with the producer Mike. All went fine, we had a blast and even saw a poster hanging in the studio of another band I happen to be friends with. It seems I'm surrounded my music constantly. Anyway, just tonight Dave brought the CDs to my house. They came in yesterday and he listened to one to make sure everything was okay. He called me about two hours ago and said "I just found something really strange on the CD. I listened to 4 of them and it was on every one. I need you to listen to this." I said okay and he came over 20 minutes later. We popped in the CD and he put it on my favorite song of the band's, which right before we went into the studio I had the name of the song tattooed on my shoulder. It was my absolute favorite song. Anyway, we listened, and in the break of the song where it's supposed to be complete and utter silence, we heard distinct rythmatic breathing. It was like it was supposed to be there, or maybe planned out, but Dave is the singer, I was there, and when he stops singing he backs away from the mic JUST for that reason. So there would be no outside noise. I listened to it over and over, and you can always hear that breathing. It lasts then, and when the song resumes it's gone. Was this Marc's last chance at recording himself in a studio? I'm not sure, but I've got a good feeling it was his way of reaching out to the world of music that he loved so much.

The second experience I've had recently had me scared out of my wits. Nothing like it has EVER happened to me before, and I don't think I've ever been so afraid in my life. I'm a grown woman, and I trembled like a child. About 3 weeks ago I was laying in bed after a stressful week reading. I was tired, so I put my book down and turned out my light for bed. I was listening to the radio as I always do, even when I go to bed. I took the bed out of my room and put in a couch so I could have more room, so I was laying on this couch with my feet propped up on the arm. My blanket covered my to my ankles, and I lay on my side with an arm out from the covers. There is a state in sleep, in which you can hear everything going on around you, and you know you're brain is awake, but if you're too tired your body shuts down and won't move, no matter how hard you try. I've had this happen to me many times when I was in High School.. usually in Science class. I was in this state at the time, where I could hear every lyric from the radio but I was falling asleep. It was then that I felt something grab my arm and jerk me sideways. I couldn't open my eyes, I was in that state where I couldn't move, but I began to cry in pure terror. I tried to scream but I couldn't. I felt myself half off the couch and finally my eyes opened. My room was completely black, so this part I don't understand, but I saw the figure of someone standing next to me. Whoever it was happened to be HUGE and quite scary just in the build. My friend Jay told me once that if I was ever afraid, to look at my cat. If the cat isn't bothered, then I shouldn't be either, he told me. THis popped into my head and I looked at my cat. The cat was standing on the back of the couch and he jumped on my chest. He looked up as if staring at someone and bolted like I've never seen him go before. He hid under the couch the rest of the night, I might add. Anyhow, I could see all of this though it was extremely dark in my room. Then the figure moved toward the end of the couch in just a split second and I felt it grab my feet, so I jerked them under the blanket and hid them beneath the couch cushion. I didn't want to look at this figure anymore, but I couldn't take my eyes away until I saw a very familiar shadow, the shadow that I've come to identify over the years as Marc, lunging toward the other figure. The two figures clashed together and were gone. I turned on my light and I'm nearly ashamed to say, I've slept with my light on since. Did Marc save me from some evil form? I think so. I think whatever it was jerking me around wasn't good and wanted to hurt me. Marc just kept it from getting that far.

Florida, USA
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