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My Protector (2)

January 2004

I never used to believe in ghosts. To me they were just cartoon creatures to scare little children with white sheets for bodies and big black holes for mouths and eyes. But now I do believe in ghosts. Why? Because I saw one.

I was eight years old and it was the Autumn Term at school. I had spent a hectic day at school and I was so tired after Netball Club that I went to bed early. My Mum tucked me in as usual and I fell into a deep peaceful sleep.

When everyone had gone to bed and the house was silent and all the lights were off I woke up suddenly, covered in sweat. I had a distinct feeling that someone was watching me. Instantly I sat bolt upright and stared straight ahead of me. I could not believe what I was seeing at first.

There was a woman standing at the edge of my bed. I thought it was my Mum but it couldn't be as she was a light green colour. Like my Mum she had dark hair but she was wearing an old fashioned Edwardian outfit. She had big, sad brown eyes like a dog. Who are you? I tried to speak but no words came from my mouth. I began to panic this lady didn't look solid or real. I screamed and very slowly she faded away with her sad brown eyes still watching me. I then flipped completely and burst into tears. I hurled myself out of bed I was shaking and screaming as I ran into my Mum's room.

My Mum woke up straight away and asked me what had happened but I couldn't tell her. I just climbed into bed beside her and cuddled her to me with my eyes clamped tightly shut. I wanted to forget what had just happened but I knew it was impossible.

The next morning with the sun shining I felt braver and able to tell my Mum what had happened. She didn't believe me but I knew it was true.

Then a few weeks later my Mum woke up during the night and, at the foot of her bed, she saw the lady too. The next morning she told me about it. She remembered the lady differently to the way that I'd described her. My Mum said she had light brown hair pinned up in a bun and was wearing a high necked white blouse and a dark coloured skirt. My Mum could not remember her facial features but her impression of the lady was that she was kind. My Mum did not panic like me after seeing her but she closed her eyes and then opened them again to see if she had gone. As the lady was still there my Mum thought her imagination was playing tricks on her so she turned on her bedside light. The lady then disappeared.

I know there are people who will not believe me that I have seen a ghost and I would have laughed in the past too but I know what I saw that night and I believe my Mum saw her too.

I still see weird little things, flashes of light and sometimes I even hear footsteps but I know that she is kind and is looking out for me. Perhaps I remind her of her own child. If I ever do see that lady again I will not scream and cry but thank her and call her something that I have never called anyone in my life before "My Protector".

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