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My Room

Constance Schwartz, NY, USA
January 2007

Growing up I never believed in ghosts, but after last night everything is different.

My night started out as usual (around 10:30), I got into my pajamas, brushed my teeth and got into bed. As I went to turn out my lights I started to smell cigarette smoke. I just blew it off and shut out my lights. Around 1:15 a.m. I woke up to a thumping noise on my door. It sounded my dog scratching his ear and his foot hitting my door. So I got out of bed and opened my door and no one was there. So I just went back to bed. About an hour later I heard it again so I got out of bed and opened my door again, and when I did I saw a shadow of a man standing there. I panicked and closed my door and ran to my bed and hid under my covers. I got so freaked out. The figure came into my room and stood at the foot of my bed. I ended up getting so scared I almost started to cry. The figure eventually went away, but came back. I got up the courage to ask who it was and why was it here. It responded by saying "It's your grandfather. I wanted to tell you I love you and not to grieve anymore." He had been dead for 7 years and that's how long I had been grieving for him. He went away and I went back to sleep. This morning I woke up and my room still smelled of cigarette smoke. I called my husband and told my husband what happened last night and he said, "I believe it." I asked him why he would say that, and he said, "Because the same thing happened to me last night." I was a little shocked to hear that. Then my husband said, "He told me to take real good care of you." I guess my Grandfather made 2 trips in one night.

Constance Schwartz, NY, USA
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