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My Second-Hand Ghost Story

Leo Smith, Ohio, USA
August 2006

Back in the mid-nineties I was sitting in my living room drinking beer and watching TV. I went to the kitchen when all of a sudden two of my friends, Neil H. and Pete L., came through my back door. They hadn't called and I wasn't expecting either one of them so it took me by surprise. They seemed very upset and nervous. Their faces were both chalk white. I said to them half-kidding, "What'd you guys just see a ghost?" They both answered at the same time,"Yes!" They went on to tell me they were partying in the cemetery on Ridge Road close to East Sparta. Why they were there I'll never know. They both went there and Pete's sister, Holly, stayed up on the road as a "lookout". The two of them were in the cemetery and it was foggy. They told me a small column of smoke, white and cone-shaped, moved independently of the fog. The fog was drifting to the right and the small ghost moved to the left and then disappeared into the ground right into a grave. I asked them if they went over to see who's grave it was, and they both said,"No way! We ran as fast as we could!" About five minutes later, here comes Holly, she says,"What happened to you guys?" They then tell her the story they just told me. She said she was sitting by the side of the road when the two of them came peeling out in the car as fast as they could go and it was all she could do to keep up with them!

About a year earlier, I had come in contact with a shadow person in Brewster, Ohio and now this. I have a friend who is into the supernatural so I called her and told her about the ghost on Ridge. She told me there was a nineteen-year-old girl buried there who had been thrown off a motorcycle and it was probably her ghost. But since none of us ever went back to investigate we probably will never know for sure!

Leo Smith, Ohio, USA
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