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My Sister's Ouija Experience

Rusmonk, NY, USA
February 2004

About eight years ago, the following incident happened to my older sister. Before her husband retired, my sister bought and ran a small pawn shop to "keep myself busy," as she put it. The man from whom she bought the store was not very friendly, and had no business sense, so she was able to obtain it for very little.

My sister is a very wonderful woman, kind, generous, warm, very funny, and at times, cynical. With her bright smile, easiness to deal with, plus a shrewd business head, within the first year she was making a very good profit from her small town shop. She became a sort of "second bank" to local farmers, bailing them out of many a difficult situation, with discretion and generosity.

Among the people who brought in things on which to borrow money were poor Mexican migrant workers. Most of what they brought in was basically not worth anything, but my sister would trade them for clothing and shoes, and in the Winter warm clothing scarves, and so on. She said that used clothing is a low profit item, and the workers appreciated that she would give them quite a lot for a few trinkets.. and many times would give them five or then dollars extra.

Once, a Mexican woman appearing to be in her late twenties or early thirties came in with a rather large box of a variety of things, and for once, many of them seemed to be of some value. The woman was drawn and thin, and told my sister that her husband had brought the Devil into their home, and now he could not work, and she and their three children very often went without food. Being a compassionate woman, my sister hallowed the woman to pick out quite a few clothes and some small toys for her children, then gave her seventy five dollars to buy food "por los ninos," for the children.

Later that day, she started to unpack the goods which the Mexican woman had brought in, and decided to even keep a few items for herself. Among them was what appeared to be a very old Ouija board. Having heard about them, but never having seen or owned one, she took it home with her.

That evening, she called her best friend and told her about her new acquisition. They arranged to meet the next afternoon, since my sister would be in the shop for only half a day. My sister cut a triangle out of card board, painted it tan, and then painted a single eye in the middle to use as the pointer. After having lunch, my sister and her friend sat down and made their first effort to make "contact " with the spirit world. Just when they were going to give up, things started happening. First,the words "I am here" were pointed out. My sister asked, "What is your name?" The answer; "You will know soon enough." Her friend then asked, "Are you good or evil?" The chilling answer; "I am what is in you, what has been in you, and what will be in you. I am forever." For the next two hours, my sister and her friend were to be amazed how much the Entity in the board knew about them. Soon that "knowledge" would turn ugly.

My sister told me, "For the next three or four days, all we could do was sit and read the words of that damnable thing, doing minimum work, not cooking for our families and became reclusive and secretive." On the fifth day, her friend said to the Entity, "Does my husband love me?" It answered, "What do you think?" A bit shaken, she then asked, "Is he faithful?" The devastating answer," Bill cheats." Her friend began to shake with anguish and then asked, "Do I know the woman?" The terrible answer; "many." Then, the woman asked, in a mixture of sorrow and rage, "What can I do?" The pointer moved wildly all around the board, and then said; "Kill him, then kill them." Almost out of breath, she asked; "Who should I kill?"

Before there could be answer, my sister stood up, grabbed the Ouija board and ran to the fireplace in the family room of her home. As fast as she could, she built a fire, and when the flames were full and it was getting hot, she hurled the Ouija board into the flames. When she got to this point in her story, my sister became very emotional, and her voice became so full of terror, that she could barely get out the words: "Little Brother, when I threw that devilish thing into the fireplace, the most horrible smoke and stench filled the room, and as the board was consumed by the flames, it let out a low growl of fury ,so full of evil and malice that my friend and I nearly fainted from fear, and clung to each other until that object from Hell turned into ashes. I still cannot get it out of my mind, and now I understand why that poor Mexican woman said to me, "My husband brought the Devil into our home." I had done the same thing, and I still suffer from nightmares from time to time."

My sister's friend's marriage survived, barely, and for a long time she and my sister did not socialize, not out of anger, but out of fear.

This is a true story, for my sister is a totally no-nonsense woman, who for years has had no use for religion of any kind, and always laughed at tales of the super natural, ghosts and so on. She told me story about two years ago, and I firmly believe her!

I myself have had many experiences with evil, and as time goes on, I hope to tell about them.

Rusmonk, NY, USA
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