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My Sisters Ghost

Queensland, Australia
June 1997

When my older sister was ten, she was sent to the psychiatrist by my mother because every night she was being woken from her sleep by a young girl dressed in a white, old fashioned dress and brown lace boots standing by her bed. My sister is now twenty, but ever since then this little girl has moved to every house that my sister has rented. Unfortunately,a few years ago my sister moved back home with us and brought the ghost back with her. My sister and I always knew when the ghost was in the house because we would both get a strong churning sensation in our stomachs. There is no one occasion that I can say was the most terrifying, because this ghost was relentless in her efforts to scare the crap out of me. As I stood in the shower every night, she would make noises through the air vent above and somehow manage to shut down the hot water so every shower I had was freezing cold. Most nights, the family could hear the little girl take a glass from the cupboard and run the water tap as if she was taking a drink. Then she would open my door slowly enough to make the creaking wake me up,and while I hid under my blankets and sweated profusely out of shear terror, she would sit on the end of my bed close enough to my feet for me to feel the pressure of her weight. I had night after night of sleeplessness because of the little girl that had attached herself to my sister. My sister would also try and assure me by stressing that "she doesn't mean any harm...she wont hurt you", but for me that just did not suffice. After another night of her antics I had decided that I had had enough. I wasn't sleeping, and I was too scared to even be alone in the house...basically because with that girl around you were never alone.

This night began after my sister and I returned home after a weekend at the beach. As soon as we got through the door, my stomach felt its usual queasiness and sure enough, my mum raced over and said that all weekend she had heard strange noises emanating from my sister's room. It scared mum enough that she had to keep the door permanently closed. Well, when my sister opened the door I nearly lost all control of my bowels when I saw what the little girl had done. Every photograph in the room had been torn from the walls and each photo frame was lying face down on the floor. As a collector of candles, the many candles in my sister's room were removed from their shelves, and of all places they were now on top of her cupboard in the corner of her room. I felt really sick when I climbed onto a chair and saw that the candles had been arranged in order of height in a circle on top of the cupboard. That night when she sat on the end of my bed, out of desperation I just said loudly in my mind "You have done what you wanted and scared the crap out of me, but I can't take it any more. I'm really scared...please just stop!" or something to that effect. Thankfully I think that talking to her worked and she never did go out of her way to scare me again. I had a feeling that her friends were my mother's cats, but as a non cat lover I had never been nice towards the cats. But from that day on I was, and I somehow have a feeling that that was the reason she tormented me all along.

Thankfully my sister moved out and took her girl and the cats with her. And now it is her boyfriend that the little girl torments. As always my advice to them now is to just talk to her and not to fear her, but make certain that you are nice to the cats because it works.

Queensland, Australia
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