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My Sisters Story

South Carolina, USA
January 1999

This story actually happened directly to my sisters and indirectly to everyone else in my family.

This story takes place at the time when I was about 13 years old. That would make my sisters (they are twins) 10 years old.

My sister (I will call her Twin 1) took piano lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our mom finally broke down and bought her a piano for Christmas. It was used and the stool that came with it was in bad need of repair. So, our mom the Saint that she is bought my sister an antique piano stool for her birthday. That's when all the trouble started.

Things started happening slowly at first. A light left on and no one would own up to it. Shadows in the corners of our eyes. Then, things picked up a bit. At night, we would hear the piano, ping, ping, just a few notes then nothing. Just enough to make you wonder if you really heard it or not. A few weeks of that and on to the "next level".

We were sitting in the living room (we meaning my sisters, my brother, our mom, and I) looking at television one evening. We had been discussing the goings on in the house off and on. Twin 1 went into the kitchen to get something and she called back to my mom, "Mommie, your tea kettle is whistling". My mom explained to her that we do not own a whistling tea kettle. Just at that moment, we all heard the sound of the tea kettle. When my mom rushed into the kitchen followed by us the kettle was whistling all right but it was not on the stove!! It stopped about 20 seconds later and my mom put it over into the sink. She said that it was not hot! We all went back into the living room and called our grandmother who lives in Norwalk, CT. At that moment, the whole room filled with thick white haze. There was no smell, we just couldn't see each other. As soon as we all started to call out to each other, the haze went away.

I should mention that my sister began having a string of "bad luck" right around the time that the "stool" was purchased. Falling down & loosing things you know just "bad luck".

That night we went to bed with the events of the evening still on our minds. My sister Twin 1 went to sleep on her bed and I slept with Twin 2 in hers (what can I say, I was afraid of the dark that night). At about 3:00 or so in the morning, Twin 1 woke us up screaming and yelling at the top of her lungs. She had just had a bad dream about the stool and how "the girl" does not want her to sit on it and play piano anymore. She said that her stomach itched and when she pulled up her night shirt, there scratched in her stomach was an XIII. It wasn't bloody or anything just like the scratch you would get from a thorn or something.

Our mom called our grandmother again. Our grandmother told us to get the stool out of the house right that moment. We did. She told our mom to have it blessed and then Twin 1 could use it again. We had it blessed (which was hard since I am African American and we had to explain this to our Baptist preacher). Anyway, the stool is back in the house and has been since. My sister is now 23 years old. It still looks creepy. It has these marbles for the ends of the legs and sort of like bird claws gripping the marbles. CREEPY!

South Carolina, USA
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