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My Son's First Friend

September 2001

The apartment that I lived in when I had my son was haunted by a young boy who had been killed there in a fire many years before.

I had lived in the neighborhood for about ten years before the fire and remember it. Many of my friends were left homeless because of it and sure enough a young friend of a friend had died in the apartment I had lived in.

Anyway my story is about a night that I was a new mother and pretty unsure of what I was doing. I use to rock my son to sleep and had just put him in his crib when I saw a glow on the mattress and stopped putting down my son. I instead put him in the bassinet next to my bed. No sooner did I do that, the crib fell in on itself.

I often heard my son laugh at something that wasn't there I thought that he was always happy until one day I saw a mist over his crib, I wasn't frightened by this because my son was smiling and soon fell asleep.

I am happy that my son had a friend that early in life now I hope that the little boy is happy .

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