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My Son's Guardian Angel

Denise, Ontario, Canada
March 2005

It was in the summer of 1992. I had a very busy and stressful day. I was getting supper ready for my husband and three children, and the telephone rang as I was taking the chicken out of the oven. I put the pot on the back burner of the stove, and went into the living room to answer the phone. My son Paul, who was two and a half, at the time, somehow managed to pull the pot towards him, instantly tipping it all over his tiny little body. I panicked and screamed in fear as I watched the scalding chicken broth fall all over him. We rushed him to the hospital, and he was instantly put in intensive care, I wasn't even allowed to stay with him.

That night, as I prayed to God, I asked him to send Angels to watch over him and soothe his pain. As I was praying, I saw in the kitchen the most beautiful lady I had ever laid eyes on. She had a long white dress on, long dark hair, and was light as a bright white light. She looked at me and smiled, as I stared at her in shock and smiled back at her she turned around and disappeared down the basement stairs.

I thought I was going crazy, but then the next night she came back, but this time into the living room, smiled at me again, and a feeling of calm and warmth filled me from head to toe. As she turned around to once again fade away into the dark basement, I noticed she had no feet. She was floating away.

Then a week passed by and my son was able to come home. The doctor said that it was a miracle that he had totally healed from his burns. He must of had an Angel watching over him.

Yes, indeed he sure had, because when I brought him back home I was rocking him, when the beautiful figure in bright white appeared again.
I smiled at her as she was watching over my son, and I said nothing, when all of the sudden he asked me who the pretty lady was that was staring at him. It took me by surprise that he could see her as well, and I told him it was his Guardian Angel, and then he fell asleep, as she slowly disappeared.

Three days later, my son was playing in the living room, laughing and having fun. I saw her for the last time as she smiled tenderly with joy to Paul, and then looked at her as I somehow knew we would never meet again. So I whispered "Thank You" at her, then she smiled at me for the last time and disappeared.

Denise, Ontario, Canada
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