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My Spirit Guide

Kevin Christo, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
April 1998

When I was little, and growing up, my family and I travelled a lot to the East Coast, and there I have an aunt and uncle that had a son (that had died) that looked just liked I did. When my aunt saw me for the first time she called me Graham, and then started crying, because I was a spitting image of him. Then at about the beginning of April, I started having dreams with a figure of a person that I knew. I had these dreams twice, until one night when I came home late, and it was raining, I saw the same figure from my dreams beside a baby picture of me, and he was calling my name in quiet whispers. And it was then that I realized that it was the spirit of my deceased cousin Graham. I am a mountain bike racer here, and whenever I am racing, or just doing what ever I can feel him with me and watching over me.

Kevin Christo, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
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