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My Spirits

June 2001

Ihave always been a believer in spirits. I suppose it comes from my Mexican heritage, that of in which belief in spirits is strong.

When I was little, my family lived in a condo. I was always afraid of being upstairs alone in the dark. I was so sure, almost positive, that there was some spirits up there. It scared the hell out of me! One incident sticks out of my mind above all others.

I was about 5 or 6, it was a weeknight. I forget why I went upstairs, but I left the lights on. My mom yelled at me to go turn them off. I protested to the point of tears but she stood strong. I reluctantly and very slowly walked up the stairs.

When I got to the top, I looked down the hall to my mother's pitch black bedroom, and to my right, our shadowy den. I was looking in the den when I heard a woman's voice whisper my name. I turned the light off and FLEW down those stairs like a bat out of hell! I got as close to my mom as possible, shaking like crazy. The thoughts of then still send chills up my spine. Especially because my Tia Terre had died that year.

We moved out of the condo 4 years later, into a little yellow house down right next to a park. I remember hearing that the previous owner's husband died so she was selling it. It could've been paranoia, but whenever I was alone in that house, I always felt unsafe and as if someone was watching me. Reading stories from this website did NOT HELP. =)

Recently we have moved out of that house due to the untimely death of my mother. I remember that morning, and the thoughts ran through my mind all day. Will her spirit be stuck in this house? I later found my answer, a definite no.

I kept a routine of going to my grandmother's house for dinner every other week. One night, things around the house started getting lost, and found in other places. They were sure it was my mother playing her practical jokes on them. I can just imagine her, with her wonderful mock-laugh and that smile on her face. I try to practice Occult, ( much to my father's displeasure ) and I hope that she will be my Guide in my spiritual training.

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