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My Spooky House

Nichole, Victoria, Australia
October 2001

This happened not very long ago, I have many tales of ghosts and the paranormal, but I will write about them at another time.

I have always been able to see and sense spirits that are around me, my family and friends. I have had experiences at every place I have ever lived at. My dad says that I take them with me where ever I go. It's only now many, many years later that I am finally being able to accept seeing and sensing ghosts, without being terrified about it.

The house my husband, I and my three children live in right now is a bit odd to say in the least. We have not lived here very long and hope to move out very soon.

It started around four months ago, my husband and I were laying in bed one night just talking. Our bedroom door opened on it's own accord and in walked a skeleton like figure (it had clothes on) with no head, it ignored my husband and I and disappeared into my dressing table.

Soon after that incident, more things around here began to happen. Our front door which is a big wooden oak door, kept opening by it self at all times of the day, even when it was locked. Then our back door, which is a glass sliding door which is pretty loud when opened, kept opening on it's own and we never hear when it opens.

Sometimes when I go to bed, I can hear my name being called faintly, I can also feel someone or something touch my face and feel my hair. In my dressing table mirror, out of the corner of my eye and also my husband's we can nearly always see a black shadow thingie, even during the day. A lot of figures we see in this house out of the corner of our eyes.

My youngest son who is four, tells us that the 'stupid man' scares him. I was once going through my photo album, and my son pointed out a deceased friend and told us 'That is the stupid man'.

My daughter who is two, tells me that a 'man is tickling her' I also often catch her talking to someone and giggling.

My oldest son, who is 10, last night told me that he saw a black figure in his room, and he couldn't sleep very good for the whole night. Last week my cat Snoopy, lunged at something in mid air, and then bolted out of the room.

Once when I was here sitting on the computer, which directly faces my kitchen, I saw what looked like my oldest son, walk in the kitchen, I saw only the back of him. A boy the same height as my son, wearing a whit T-shirt and jeans. I called out to 'My son' asking him what he was doing at the oven, I got no reply. So I got up and walked into the kitchen, no-one was there. I walked into my sons room, and he was sitting at his desk reading. He was wearing a red T-shirt with track pants on. I asked him if he was just in the kitchen and he said NO.....

We can all hear at times, big heavy boots walking on the kitchen floor.

All these incidents are really minor compared to what some people go through. However, something not so minor happened here two weeks ago, when my husband and I were here alone for the night.

We had just come home after being at a friends house. We were pretty tired and just wanted to go to bed. My husband made some toast and I went to the bathroom to scrub off my make-up. I heard him yelling at me to quickly come into the loungeroom, when I got in there, I couldn't believe what I saw. Our TV, which was off at the time had two faces on the screen, they were very clear. One was of a man and the other was a small female child, around 5 years old. They looked like they were just staring at us. About five minutes later they just disappeared. I now cover the computer and the TV, when they are switched off, lol.....

I am sorry that my story is a bit long, thanks for reading it.

Nichole, Victoria, Australia
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