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My Stories

Rhiannon, Missouri , USA
July 2007

I have a lot of stories but all of them seem to happen far apart. That causes me to sometimes think "We have a ghost!" and then when nothing happens for almost a year I would go back to thinking "No, that was nothing. We have no ghost". But then something always seems to happen that makes me think otherwise.

If we do have one (which we most likely do) then this spirit is real quiet most of the time. All of these stories are true and all can't be explained.

My brothers experience most of the spooky stuff that happens here for some reason, and the spirit doesn't seem to bother me that much and if it does its not as nearly as scary as what my brothers go through. So I'll start with them. This happened about a year after we moved in. It was thunderstorming and mom and me had already gone to bed. My brothers were downstairs in the living room, staying up late, and just talking. Then the power went out. It didn't bother them at first but whenever lightning flashed, they would see faces or figures in the window. That was strange since the window they said they saw it in was high, about 7 or 8 feet from the ground. They freaked out and went into the dining room, only to see more people outside staring at them. They couldn't see any faces, it was too dark. Suddenly the power came back on but it didn't stop. They ran into one of the bedrooms, left the light on, shut the door, and huddled on the floor. Then they heard something breathing by the doorway. They were too scared to open their eyes and couldn't sleep all night.

The next story happened to only one of my brothers about 3 years ago.

He was woken up by VERY loud stomping. He said it sounded like it was going from the livingroom then rushing all the way to the kitchen about 5 times. Then it ran REALLY fast past his open doorway into the bathroom. The stomping stopped. But then he saw someone peer around the doorway into his room. He said it looked like it was 'standing' sideways in air, just by how the head looked. That freaked him out so bad he ran into his other brothers room and asked if he heard that or if it was somehow him. Of course he said no. My brother again didn't sleep that night. He had to listen to music to calm himself down.

The next morning he told us and I think even my mom believed it; she got us all nightlights.

My next story occurred about 4 years ago. Everyone experienced it..but me.

I fell asleep on the couch and somehow slept through it. It was maybe 9pm and my family was just watching TV and having a good time. Out of nowhere they heard this strange shrieking coming from the creek in our backyard (which is maybe about 2 acres away) and slowly getting closer. They said it was hard to describe because it was so bizarre but it sounded like a person screaming and also like a dog yowling. The noise seemed like it traveled up and down along the creek before finally fading away. Since it was too dark out and the creek too far away, my family never saw anything.

My mom has her own weird story, too. When she was around 13, which was probably around 1971, her and her friend had camped out in the front yard. Across the street was the park and beyond that were woods. Well out of the blue my mom just suddenly woke up. So did her friend at the same time. No cars were around which wasn't unusual for 5am. But then both of them saw a dark figure moving in the far distance(maybe a mile and a half away) She described it as most likely tall, black maybe brown and possibly hairy. Bigfoot? They just watched it until it walked off into the woods.

Here's where I'll tell you my experiences. You may notice they're not as scary as the others, but they're still strange. They mostly happened when I'm Downstairs alone, or just alone in the whole house.

One time I was talking on the phone with my friend. I was getting pretty loud and laughing a lot. And then I heard a door shut. Not a slam. It just sounded like someone casually shutting the hallway door that led to the bedrooms. I shrugged it off until I remembered I was the only one downstairs at that time. I walked into the kitchen where the door was and sure enough it was closed when I remember it being open a few minutes before. I opened it again and looked in my brother's bedrooms plus the bathroom. No one there. That wasn't the only time that happened. It usually happens when I'm on the phone and getting a little too loud and crazy. Maybe it just wants me to be more quiet. This happened 3 weeks ago. Every morning before leaving I lock my bedroom door so either my brothers won't mess with my games, or so my cats wont mess with my birds. No one has a copy of the key and there's no other way to get to my room. Well, I just looked over my room. Everything seemed normal so I locked it and left. When I got home I unlocked it and my mirror (which is usually leaning up against the wall, almost behind my TV) was in front of my TV, facing the closet. I was really confused because no one had been home all day. Not my brothers or my mom. Another weird thing happened on a sunny weekend day. I was at the computer and my mom went down into the basement(again my brothers were gone so it was only me and mom) and when she came back up she asked me "Were you walking around up here?" I said No. I didn't even leave my chair. She said she heard someone walking around in the kitchen or hallway and asked if any of my brothers came home. Again I said No.

Other things have happened with the lights. I was watching a movie in the livingroom when I heard a click from the dining room. I paid almost no attention to it because I thought it came from the movie or the TV. On commercial break, I got up and went into the dining room. I noticed the light was off, even though I'm sure it was on just maybe 7 minutes before. And today, I decided to turn on the light in the livingroom(since it was too dark) but I left to go into the kitchen before I did. And when I came back, it was turned on for me. The rest of the things I've experienced are things like feeling someone watching what I'm doing at the computer (like right now) and finding fresh hand prints or fingernail marks in the fog on the mirror after I take showers.

I don't know much about my house except that it was built in 1917. I should probably do some research. But I do know that there are legends about the creek in my backyard that stretches behind the whole neighborhood. They say that an Indian tribe haunts it and that you don't go down there on foggy nights.

Rhiannon, Missouri , USA
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