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My Supernatural Experiences

Andrew Smith, NSW, Australia
November 2005

I have some stories that I tell sparingly to people but thought that maybe I could put them here.

When I was a lot younger I used to tell them but people would just either disbelieve or get angry for some reason????

I remember very little of this but I can remember being VERY frightened at the time.

When I was about 2-3 years old I was playing on my own in the loungeroom of our house in the daytime and I heard quite a loud click (metal contraction?) at the wire screen front door, which attracted my attention. I looked and (nowdays) vaguely remember seeing a pair of (hazy) feet at the door. Now for some reason I went back to playing for some reason and can't remember being frightened up to this point. We had an old black and white television at the time on the other side of the room which was off but at this point I heard it make a loud click. I looked at the TV and on the screen was the pair of feet! Now up till now my memory is quite vague but I definitely remember seeing ghostly feet and the next bit is quite clear in my mind.

I was very frightened, got up and ran screaming out to mum who was putting washing on the line. I remember telling her I saw feet at the front door and on the TV screen. To this day she remembers clearly how I came running out but she tells me I said that I saw grandpa's feet at the front door and on the TV!

My grandfather died a few months before I was born so I never new him. Furthermore, she said that someone of that age does not make that kind of story up and I think it scared her more than just a little. In actual fact, as blurry as this memory is it's one of my first memories ever.

My second "ghost" sighting happened in 1986 when I was 9. I remember this one very clearly.

We lived in a small 3 bedroom house (the same one from the first story) and one night I was walking out of the kitchen door into the hallway and saw an old woman float (she had no legs) down the hall and into the bathroom. Now I can remember not believing my eyes and so I went into the bathroom and had a look to see if I had really just seen one of my family walk down the hall. I can remember that I was not frightened at all and when I looked behind the door there was nothing. So I checked that both my sisters were in their room, which they were, and I checked that mum and dad were in their room, which they were. Once again to this day mum can remember me checking that they were there and telling her what I saw. Also, as I remember this clearly, to this day I am amazed that I didn't feel frightened.

Now, even though I saw these things I don't really know whether I believe in ghosts or not. Having said that, I have seen some weird things. I was (quite stupidly) involved in a childish seance at the age of about 8 (which I regret and try to dissuade anybody who thinks of having one that they shouldn't play with that sort of thing), which worked to our horror and scared us to death. In the end we all ended up arguing and the glass literally flew at the ground and broke, and we suddenly stopped arguing and sang nursery rhymes.

I feel that some people are sensitive to these things? I look at the ghost photos on this site out of curiosity and with some I get full on goose bumps when I view them and others I just look at and don't get any reaction???.

I've seen other weird things that just don't make sense, and that I just except these days??I suppose this hasn't been a scary story but well, they are my experiences with the supernatural.

Andrew Smith, NSW, Australia
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