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My Torments by an Evil Entity

Bryce St. James, MA, USA
December 2002

I have been experiencing paranormal things since I was 7 years old. I grew up in a haunted house & have lived in a few more since then. The story I wish to account is when I was 14 years old when I was living with one of my foster families. I will try to make this story as short as possible but detailed. Please bear with me.

I am 30 years old now and this story occurred when I was 14 years old. It began with an impression of something menacing in my foster brother's room. I tepidly approached his room to investigate and I immediately became aware of "it" and it became aware of me. It was very angry that I knew what it was and that it was there. I tried to tell me foster mother that something was in the house she simply stated no spirits can enter a Christian home and refused to hear anything I had to say. So all the things I had suffered I had to suffer alone.

That night I had a dream of the demon and I told it I would never serve it for any reason. It replied that it would give it all its got and that is when the nightmares started.

I had a recurring nightmare of a reaper like entity chasing me down a darkened street. In this dream just before it could touch me I would awake in a panic. My heart pounding , in a cold sweat and a sense something was laughing at me in the darkened bedroom. These nightmares went on for a week. Then it escalated.

One night I went to read my Bible, as was my habit to do so every day. As I was reading I went blind, my eyes were open and all was black. I prayed fervently for it to end but it lasted 10-15 minutes at a time. These fits of blindness lasted everyday for 2 weeks. The next event was that I went into a trance state and I heard music. My vision darkened then cleared. When I could see again I was seeing a religious procession in an Anthean Temple in ancient Greece, this only happened that one time to my relief.

As fate would have it my foster parents went away for the weekend and it was just my foster brother & I at home. Over the weekend I was absolutely petrified with fear when night fell. I was convinced "it" would get me during the night so I became an insomniac. This lasted for 3 days & then I realized by behaving fearfully "it" was getting stronger. So that night I went to bed, turned out the light & closed my eyes tight. I eventually fell asleep and nothing happened that night.

The next evening I was awoken to being shaken violently. I saw red eyes near my face & I was 6 inches above my mattress, I was shaken for 3-5 mins & then slammed down onto my mattress with such force I bounced. This happened 3 nights in a row. After the 3 nights of terror one afternoon I heard my brother chanting in his room. I snuck to his door which was ajar and he was reading from a book chanting something I could not understand.

I came to find out he was reading incantations to summon a spirit but he didn't perform the ritual to control the spirit hence how the entity came into the house to begin with.

I went back to my room and prayed over my room so that no spirits could get in. After this I was no longer attacked.

I don't know if sealing off my room did the trick or "it" just left for whatever reason.

The house I live in now is also haunted but by friendly, prankish spirts . I'll tell these stories at another time.

Thanks for reading!

Bryce St. James, MA, USA
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