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My Twin Sister

Suzi, TX, USA
April 2004

My twin sister passed away 6 years ago when she was only 16 years old. I was unbelievably upset due to her passing. Even though she isn't with me in flesh, she remains with me in spirit. No matter where I go, she seems to follow me.

When I was a sophomore in college I was living in my very first apartment with 3 roommates. I would be in my room all alone when all of a sudden I would hear pots & pans banging profusely! At first I would think it was one of my roommates, but when I'd walk out of my room to check, no one was in the kitchen. The front door was still locked & I was still all alone.

Things of this nature started occurring on a regular basis, i.e., strange sounds, items would be "misplaced" but found in the original spot days later (rings, watches, books, cell phones, etc.), bone-chilling mists of air, etc. One day I called my mother to tell her about all the strange things that were happening, & she told me that her & my father had been experiencing some strange things around their house 250 miles away! My mother said that her pots & pans would bang as well, doors would open & shut on their own, the doors would also lock on their own, a basket that was nailed to the wall came flying off, the dog's hair would stand up straight on their backs & they'd growl & bark at nothing in the air ? then they stop just as suddenly as they started, television sets would turn on & off by themselves, & sometimes they would hear someone knocking on the bedroom doors. One day my father walked out of his bathroom & saw a bright light standing before him, then it disappeared in a "mist" type form. My mother even claims that sometimes she sees a ghostly form sitting on the end of her bed when she walks into the bedroom.

My family & I came to the conclusion that this could be no other than my sister. We all are so broken up by her sudden passing. We believe it is her hanging around making sure that we are all okay.

When I was a junior in college, I moved to the city 30 miles away from my university. I had 2 roommates at that house. One night one of my roommates & I stayed at his brother's house 30 miles away. The next day when we arrived home (a little after noon), my roommate asked me if I had gotten home around 9:30am. I told her no & when I asked why, she got really freaked out. She told me that she was in her room & around 9:30, she heard someone in my bathroom (which is next to her bedroom) moving things around ? almost like they were throwing things. Then she heard someone walk to my room & all of a sudden, my bedroom door started slamming continually. She walked out of her room to tell me to stop slamming the door, but the door was wide open in its original stance & I was not in my room. She then walked out to the garage & saw my car wasn't there. So she brushed it off after checking to see if all the doors were locked (& they were ? she thought someone came inside the house) & went to go take a shower. When she was in the shower, the water started getting ice cold & it kept loosing pressure. One minute it would be full blast hot, then suddenly it would be cold & then reduce down to a trickle out of the shower head. Her shower had never done this before & it never happened again.

While I lived in that house, I would hear the usual pots & pans. One time I heard a sound that was VERY loud. It sounded like all the dishes in the cabinets came crashing to the ground. When I checked, nothing was broken & nothing had been disturbed.

Now I am a senior in college & I live with 2 new roommates. My very first night in my new apartment after I unpacked something happened to me. I was laying in bed about to go to sleep & for some odd reason I kept feeling this overwhelming sense of dread that I was going to die soon. It wasn't a suicidal feeling, it was just one that I was going to die. I feel asleep feeling really depressed. In my dream my sister came & talked to me. I knew she was dead in my dream. I kept asking her what it was like to be deceased. She told me that she "makes God laugh." Then she looked at me & said, "If you don't change your driving style soon, you are going to die in a freak car accident." When I awoke the next day, those words rang so clear in my mind. I passed it off because I felt I dreamed that because I felt like I was going to die the night before ? something in my subconscious maybe??

A couple days later I was driving to Austin on the interstate. I was in the far left hand lane. Normally I do drive with a slight lead foot, but I decided to drive the speed limit because of the dream I had. Suddenly my attention was directed to the vehicle in the far right lane (the interstate is 3 lanes). As soon as I looked, the hood of that vehicle flew off & was coming right at me! I swerved into the middle lane to miss the hood. It all happened in the middle of mere seconds ? hardly any time to react. Luckily I was not hit by it. BUT if I had been driving any faster, like I normally do, that hood would have come through my windshield & possibly decapitated me! I take that as God & my sister watching out after me.

There have been a lot more occurrences with her. She is mostly a little prankster. She likes to play tricks on people. I believe with the loud sounds that she makes (i.e., the pots & pans banging) she is just letting me know that she is around. I am not afraid, I am more comforted than anything because I know she is around watching me & taking care of me.

Suzi, TX, USA
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