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My Uncle

Ilaijahn King, Utah, USA
February 2005

It was in the summertime at night in August. My sisters and I were watching TV in our room. We could hear our Aunt and Uncle having an arguement in the hallway, then we heard the front door slam. My Aunt comes into our room and sits there with us and watches TV.

My Uncle Samuel goes outside and sits in his truck to cool off. About 20 minutes later he got out of his truck and walked down through the driveway.

The driveway is long and reaches all the way to the back fence. Along the left side of the driveway is a wooden fence, about half way down the driveway is the side door, to your right a lemon tree that has grown over from the neighbors to our side of the fence.

As my uncle was walking down the driveway, about 6 feet down against the fence, are 4 stacks of concrete bags. He saw my Aunt sitting on the stacks and holding her knees to her chest and her hands to her face, quietly crying. My Uncle starts to apologize to her from where he stands and tells her "forget about what happened" and "lets go inside", but still my Aunt sits there and continues to sob. My Uncle calls her by her name and apologizes again. "Please, Nancy? I'm sorry! Lets forget about what happened earlier and lets go inside". Still my Aunt sits there on the stacks, covering her face and continues to weep.
My Uncle walks up to her and starts to comfort her by rubbing her back and assuring her that it wont happen again, still my Aunt covers her face and cries. My Uncle says, "Look at me Nancy!, Look at me?" He takes her by both her wrists and pulls her hands away from her face and she turns her whole body to him and lets her feet hang off the side of bags she lifts her head up to look at my Uncle.

What my uncle saw was nothing he's ever encountered in his life. She had no EYES!!! NOSE!!!!.... no MOUTH!!! My Uncle stepped back and realized this lady had my Aunts hair, body, hands, cry, everything except she had no FACE!!!
The cries turned to laughter that was mocking and would seem to fade in and out. He steps back slowly trying to pull his eyes away from whoever and whatever it was that his eyes were fixed on. He reaches the back door and forces his eyes away from the Lady with no face. He pounds repeatedly on the back door (surprised it didn't come down). He keeps his eyes on the back door and the laughter soon fades out. He turns reluctantly to see if the lady was still there. As he turns he sees her disappear into thin air.

Ilaijahn King, Utah, USA
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