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My Uncle's Bedroom

Jeremy, PA, USA
April 2003

There are actually many stories involving my uncle's bedroom that I would like to share but for now I'm only going to share two.

The first was told to me by my uncle.

See my uncle is an amateur musician. Well one day he was in his room practicing on his guitar, when someone knocked on his door. He answered it and a young lady came into his room and asked if he minded if she listened to him play. Of course he said she could, so he gave her a bar stool to sit on and went back to playing. They talked for awhile and then she said she had to leave. After about 15 minutes, my uncle went to the living room to ask his mother and father who the young lady was that just left. My grandparents told him no one has been there all night. My uncle bewildered went back to his room to decide what just happened. He decided to go to the library to do some research on the land where my grandparents house sits. He found out the house that previously sat there had burnt down and a young lady died in the fire. He told me there was a picture of the young lady that died and it matched the young lady that had been in his room.

The second story I would like to share I actually witnessed. One night at about 2 in the morning my uncle came out complaining his back hurt. My grandmother, my aunt, and myself all looked at it and saw welt marks on his back crisscrossing across it. My grandmother asked him who had whipped him and my uncle looked at her like she had lost her mind. He replied by say How did you know I was being whipped in my dream. She then told him about the welt marks on his back. He had a stunned look on his face as he went back to his room. The next morning after he got up and my grandmother wanted to see his back, to put some neosporine on it to try to help the healing process. When he lifted his shirt the welt marks from the previous night were gone.

We can't explain who these things happened or what caused them I just know I don't like to go into my uncle's room anymore.

Jeremy, PA, USA
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