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My Uncle and the White Light

Niki, TX, USA
August 2004

My uncle was the type of person who would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it, he always put others before himself, especially his family, that's what made him so easy to love.

Along with being my uncle he was also my godfather so we were very close.

When I was 13 he passed away suddenly of an aneurysm. After his memorial service I was sitting on my parents bed alone thinking and crying when I felt the opposite side of the bed sink in, like someone sat down next to me. I was a little scared but then it felt like a sense of peace came over me. I wasn't crying anymore and actually fell asleep with no problem.

A few days later I was at his house playing with my cousins (his kids) on the top bunk bed when I got this sudden urge to turn around and look towards the door. When I did this I was face to face with my uncle for maybe 2 seconds. It seemed so quick that by the time I realised who/what I was looking at he was gone. He wasn't solid like you and me but more of an outline. I could still see all his features though, like his beard and hat and eyes. I didn't say anything about this to my family because either they would think I was crazy or I would upset them.

On 4th of July we all went over to my grandparents house to BBQ and swim. (They have an above ground pool) BBQ's were something my uncle loved because it brought the family together. While the kids were in the pool the adults were on the deck talking and I noticed my grandma had started crying. I put my head back in the water to get my hair out of my face and when I came up I looked across the pool and there standing maybe 6 ft in front of me was my uncle. He was only there a couple of seconds then I blinked and he was gone. After that I finally decided to tell my mom about it to get her opinion. She said that she thinks he might be trying to tell me something or he's just letting me know he's ok and that I should talk to him if I see him like that again. The only thing is that I have no idea how to talk to him because it happens so quickly. I haven't seen him since that pool episode, it's been 7 years.

Only little things happen now and I think it's him playing jokes like he used to before he passed.

One day I was in my closet deciding what shoes I was going to wear and I remember looking up on the shelf and seeing my pedicure kit there but the little foot scrub, that's in the shape of a foot, was outside the box on the edge of the shelf. I was going to move it but didn't and went about my business. I was leaning over my chair to lay some clothes on my bed when the foot scrub, that was in my closet, fell from above my head onto the clothes in front of me. I froze for a few seconds and just looked at it because it kind of freaked me out then I said "Ha ha very funny uncle Jr." and put it back.

The most recent thing that happened was when I was on the phone at night in the living room. It was late and I didn't want to talk on the phone in my room because my daughter was sleeping so I sat out in the living room with everything off but the light above the stove. (Our kitchen and living room aren't separated by a wall, it's open) I was on the couch talking to my friend when out of the corner of my eye I saw a small ball of light on the picture of the Virgin Mary my mom has on the wall. I thought it was the reflection from the stove light so I turned to look, I even moved off the couch. (If it was a reflection when I moved it also would have moved) but no it wasn't a reflection, the light stayed right on the picture. It was a ball maybe a little bigger than a marble making tiny circles on the picture. I was a little scared because I didn't know what it was. The person I had on the phone didn't know what was going on because I was quiet this entire time. I finally got too freaked out by this light and went to bed. I told my mom and she didn't know what it was either.

Niki, TX, USA
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