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My Uncle C

June 2007

When I was either 8 or 9 my uncle (lets call him C) committed suicide after killing a man. This happened late in October. After his estate was settled my other uncle (G) got his tool chest of drawers (you know the tall red craftsman things). My mother, brother, sister and I lived in the bottom portion of the house and my uncle (g) and his family lived in the top portion. So that you may understand the story a little better I need give a little bit of layout info on the house.
When you came in the front door you did not immediately reach the inside of our house there was a small foyer to the right was our front door, to the left there was a door that led to the basement on the outside of the house there was another door that led to the basement keep in mind that both of these doors were ALWAYS kept locked and the only person that had a key was my uncle.

A few weeks after the funeral was when everything started. One night my mother and all of us kids were in the living room watching television when we heard a noise, it was the sound of someone moving tools around metal against metal. My mother thinking it odd that my uncle would be down there so late, as he went to bed very early. My mother went to the basement door and the door was padlocked like it was every night she also went outside and checked the door out there and that too was locked.

A few months later my cousin (uncle C's daughter) was visiting, she loves my mothers lasagna so they had gotten everything they needed and were working on it but when it came time to use the cheese they couldn't find it (I know for a fact that it made it home because I put it in the fridge) either way we looked EVERYWEHRE for it but couldn't find it. You may think that this has nothing to do with my dead uncle but the cousin that was over was my uncles favorite daughter and my uncle LOVED my mother's lasagna.

The last thing that happened was around christmas we had put up the christmas tree the night before this happened. We had been at my aunts house the whole day just hanging out and it was late when we got home but as soon as we walked in the door and turned on the light we saw that the christmas tree looked like someone had grabbed it and thrown it across the room, there were ornaments everywhere. My mother thought that someone had broken in but after checking the house all of the windows were locked and the doors were too.

One last thing my uncle C HATED christmas. After that my mother had finally had enough, she is a very religious lady and she doesn't believe that the dearly departed can come back so she lit some white candles said a prayer and ordered whatever was in the house to get out.

After that night we didn't have any problems. We later moved out of state.

Thanks for reading my story.
It may not be very scary but every word is true.

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