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My Various Experiences

Nancy, WV, USA
December 2005

I've actually got a few stories, but first let me fill you in on some things. When I was younger, I heard all kinds of stories from my friends and family who have had encounters with the paranormal. I always felt left out because I never had any stories. I always wished to have that kind of experience. Now I know why they say "Be careful what you wish for." Now I seem to be a magnet for paranormal activity.

I was at my friend Karrie's house hanging out with her and her sisters Jo and Chelsey a few months ago or so. Chelsey's room (now occupied by Jo too, since their sister Kate moved back in) is haunted. The landlord's wife shot herself in the head in that room while her and her husband were living there. We set up a tape recorder in the room and left after asking some questions for the tape. I was the last person to walk out of the room behind the other three girls. I was pulling the door shut behind me. I had it half way shut when, all of a sudden, the door got pushed really hard from the other side as if someone felt I wasn't closing it fast enough. My hand was on the door knob when this happened and it made me jump and yelp making the others turn around to see what was wrong. Karrie, Chelsey, and Jo were in front of me, their parents were downstairs, and Kate was out with some friends. Nobody else was in that room behind me. Now, we won't go up there alone at night and Chelsey won't sleep in it by herself. She'll only sleep in it if Jo, Karrie, Kate, me, or one of her other friends sleep in there with her.

My mother passed away in 2003 and this happened at least a year or so before she died. I was lying in bed one night and I heard something under the bed. I had alot of things jammed under my bed and we had mice so I brushed it off as a mouse crawling through the junk under my bed. A few minutes later, I was getting hot so I moved the pillow up and laid my head down on the sheet because it was cooler. I had my head so that my ear was against the mattress like you would have your ear to a door if you were listening for something on the other side. I heard the noise again, but this time, a few seconds after, it felt as if someone punched my mattress from BENEATH the bed. It hit right below my neck. The only problem with that is there was no room whatsoever for anyone to fit under that bed and the box spring would prevent you from touching the mattress from under the bed. It hit pretty hard, enough to cause me to bounce or jerk a little. Then I heard a whisper in my ear, only there was no breath on my neck or ear to go with it. I turned my head, as well, and not a person was anywhere near my bed. I was so scared that I couldn't move. My whole body went numb and I didn't know what to do. Finally, it passed and I threw the blanket over my head and forced myself to sleep even with how hot it was under the blanket. I wouldn't even poke my head out for a second.

Sometime after that happened, I'd say about a month, at least, my brother had a similar incident. He was lying in bed with his eyes closed when he thought he heard my mom sighing the annoyed sigh that he and I were so familiar with. We could recognize her sigh anywhere. When he opened his eyes, his light was on and nobody was there. He heard footsteps going up the steps in his room and when they got to the top, his light turned off. The scary thing about that is, we both slept in the basement and the way the steps were, there was merely a pole at the bottom, not a whole wall. Therefore, you could see who was on the steps if someone were to walk up or down. He watched the staircase as the footsteps ascended and there was nobody on them. He ran to my mom's room and told her. At first she thought he was dreaming or making it up. That's when I told her about my experience. She made us sleep with our bibles under our pillow or beside our bed after that. The hauntings didn't start until about 3 years into living there. I'm a huge metalhead and that's about the time I got into heavy metal and black metal. I have Halloween decorations hanging in my room year round and posters all over my wall of Rob Zombie, Cradle of Filth, Dope, and stuff like that and she blamed it on my Cradle of Filth poster because it started after I put the posters up. She believed that the ghost was getting active because it didn't like the posters, especially that one. She said it was too evil and tried to make me take it down. I just flipped it over (which didn't help any because she despised Marilyn Manson, who just happened to be on the back). She made us pray (which I'm not too fond of doing because I'm not a Christian. I'd never tell her that though). She kept telling "it" to go into the light and that this was our home now. Up until that night, I thought I was the only one this ghost liked to bother because everyone else thought I was making it up and nobody said anything about anything happening to them. My things were always being moved. In the middle of the night, I could hear my plastic bottles of Calgon body spray slide across my vanity dresser and plop on the floor.

I felt a hand on my shoulder a few times. I felt something brush my hair back a few times, too. Sometimes, I even had things thrown at me. Not violently, but merely tossed at me kind of as though the ghost was trying to play around with me or irritate me. My dog would bark at certain places above my computer desk. There were even times when she would be lying on the living room floor while I was rolling my newspapers (I was a papergirl) or watching TV. She'd look up at the chandelier and run to the doorway to get away from it. She'd then bark at it. Sometimes when she did that, it would start spinning a bit as if someone bumped it or nudged it.

After my brother's first experience, the plastic stack shelves full of nic-nacs that was as high as the ceiling would come crashing down on his head out of nowhere. He'd be sitting on the floor watching TV with me and it would just fall over by itself like it was pushed by someone in the corner. I had a metal candle holder on the very top shelf once and it flew off of the shelf and hit my dog in the head. She ran out of the room and barked at the corner for an hour.

Our bathroom was downstairs in the basement with me and my brother's rooms. The computer room was right above the hallway and bathroom and the boards creaked so bad that you could hear whoever was walking upstairs. They were so old that you could even hear the conversations going on upstairs through the ceiling if you sat in the bathroom or the laundry room. My mother did say that sometimes when my dad was at work late at night, and she went to the bathroom, she could hear the floors creaking upstairs like someone was walking across the floor. She knew it wasn't us because we were down there with her and she checked on us every night.

I remember staying up until 6 in the morning most nights when my dad worked. I would stay on-line and chat with my friends. I was talking to two of my friends when I heard the back door downstairs in my room shut by itself. This door kind of stuck so it took extra effort to open it and everyone else in the house knew when it was being opened or shut. You could hear it open and the house kinda shook when you closed it. I was at my computer and my dad had a decorative knife with eagles on it hanging on a plaque by his computer that my mom bought him before she died. I grabbed it and walked downstairs to see who came in but there was nobody there. The door was even locked so nobody could get in.

A few times, I heard people calling my name. I can't even begin to count the times I got up out of bed at night and ran upstairs to see what my parents wanted me for, only to find out that they hadn't called me at all. Sometime after my mother died, my friend Shay was staying at my house with me and my dad was off of work so he was home. After my mom died, my brother and I slept upstairs either in my dad's room or in the living room, depending on whether or not my dad was working. Since my dad was home, me, Shay, and my brother slept in the living room. I went downstairs to the bathroom. I opened the door when I was done and was drying my hands after washing them. While I was doing this, I heard my dad say my name as if he was right there in the hallway outside the bathroom door. I turned and started to ask what he wanted, but then stopped in my tracks when I didn't see him there. I ran upstairs to see him lying in bed. I told he and Shay what happened and they walked downstairs with me to see if someone else was there while my brother was fast asleep on the couch. Nobody else was there.

Even still, to this day, after moving out of that house, I hear people calling my name. I live with my boyfriend now and I swear at nights I hear voices. I'll hear someone say something smart or nasty, only I won't hear what they say. I just know the tone of the voice. It gives me the feeling that someone there doesn't like me or is disgusted with me and wants me to know it. I figured out what was being said a few times after really thinking about it. I thought I heard someone ask me if I was happy now, as if I've ruined something.

We live in a trailer and anyone who lives in or has lived in a trailer knows that whether you're outside or inside, you can hear someone walking through it. Our room is an extension built onto the trailer the size of a living room and has a large bathroom as well. The original backdoor is now our bedroom door. The new back door is in our room and leads to the deck. There have been times when I've heard a back door shut, only our back door sounds like the door on a house because of the kind of room we have, not a trailer door. When I hear this door, it sounds like the door that was originally there. I've also heard the living room door shut by itself on more than one occasion. My boyfriend says he doesn't believe in ghosts but I know he heard it once too. We were sitting here in our room and after I heard it, he muted the TV. When I tried to ask "Did you hear that?" He shushed me. He denies he heard it but I know he did.

My best friend Shane passed away last August. Shay, her sister Amanda, and I were very close to him. He lived in NC but we'd been chatting online with him for almost a year when he passed away. We had gotten really close like a three sisters and their brother. We talked on the phone and he even came to visit us on his way back home from NC. He went to Shay's house and I was supposed to meet them there. My dad made me go to the grocery store with him first though. When I got back, Shane had left. His mom was on a time frame and wouldn't let him stay longer so I missed him. Shane never called me by my real name. He nicknamed me 'True' the first time he ever talked to me. I don't even think he remembered my real name. We were known as Shaney, Shay Shay, Manda, and True. There was an inside joke between us about peanut butter cookies. We told him we were gonna make him some peanut butter cookies because they were his favorite. After he passed away, Shay's mom heard someone say "True, Shay Shay, where are you?" and then something about peanut butter cookies while she was in the bathroom late one night. She got up and walked into Shay's room to see if someone was still up but they were all asleep. Shay printed out all the pics of Amanda, her and her friends, including Shane, that she had and hung them all over her walls. The photo she had of Shane, his friend, and his mom was hanging above her bed. When her mom walked in, it was glowing brighter than all the rest. The really weird part is the phone conversations we had after he died. When Shay and I were talking on the phone, we'd hear voices telling us things. We both heard someone say "If you want to see him, you can". I thought it was her mom in the background talking to someone else and she thought it was on my end. We both decided it was something else we couldn't explain. Then, she heard someone say "He crossed the line, and then...". The only thing we knew was that he was in a car accident after he and his gf of 3 years broke up. His mom wouldn't give us details. A few days after the phone incident, I decided that I needed to know exactly what happened. I did a search for some news articles on it. Sure enough, I found out that he was driving 90 mph around a turn. He crossed the yellow line, just as the unknown voice said, and crashed into the side of a truck coming the opposite way. We never heard anything like that again. The only thing we ever heard after that was the sound of someone's voice trying to cut through. We believe it was him trying to talk to us and let us know he was there. Sometimes, I'd get a call from Shay, only she didn't call. Her phone rang and she thought I was calling her, but mine rang too as if she'd called me. We think Shane's playing tricks to let us know he's there. I have a thing for candles and I always had some lit. I had a webcam and he used to laugh at me because none of the lighters I had ever wanted to work so I could light a cigarette, a candle, or incense. He bought me one of those lighters that looks like a giant match and he had a stone he kept under his pillow that he wrote "True" on. His mother sent me the lighter and it had some hair bands on it that he used to wear in his hair. After I got it, I had a dream that he hugged me and told me everything was ok. I woke up crying and I saw my door move. I just smiled. I know it was him.

I have tons of other experiences that have happened to me but I think I'm done typing for now.
If you'd like to hear more or if you'd like to share your own, just email me.

Thanks! :)

Nancy, WV, USA
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