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Darrilyn, Massachusetts, USA
May 2007

I have had experiences with what seems to be a spirit. It wasn't until I lived in Chatam New York that I ever experienced anything.

It was very late and I was pregnant with my last child, something would run down the stairs from my bedroom. This house was 200 hundred yrs old. The first time it happened our cat and dog were lying on the bed with me, mind you they did not move and that bothered me. I got up to see if it was one of my older boys as they slept downstairs. They were fast asleep. I checked the house, unlocked the cellar, which was old, musty and dirt floors.....again nothing. So I asked myself, had I really heard anything?.
Well that was just the beginning, it would happen every few nights. I told my sons father about it and he laughed. So I started to do a little research on the place. This is all I found out:

A little girl in the button up shoe days had lived there and died there. So the next time I heard the running on the stairs I would say "I know, but its late and I need to sleep". I had always had an eerie feeling in the bathroom upstairs but until then I could not figure out where it came from.

We moved out after two years and my sister in-law bought the place. On one visit I asked if there was something weird with the house and she laughed, she said yes but its friendly and I leave it alone.

I moved to Pittsfield MA in 1983 and was in an apartment for yrs. My daughter started telling me something was turning things off and on at night It would shake her bed, she was young and I said she must have been imagining it. But other people in my building were experiencing the same things. I did not feel it to be a threat so said nothing.

I now live over the fence from those apartments in a house we bought maybe 10 yrs ago. Well the same things would happen to my daughter in this house so I connected it to her, now this is where it gets a little more complex. In 2001 my youngest child was killed in an accident. Two nights in a row something shook my bed. I said "great now its gonna bother me" as my daughter was on her own. The morning after the second night being August 16 2001 My phone rang at 6:40am. It was a call about my son who since is deceased. I believe whom ever it was was trying to warn me about trouble.

It has never happened again. My sons name is Ian Micheal Welch of Pittsfield Mass.
The article on his death was in the Berkshire Eagle.
Thanks for letting me tell my story.

Darrilyn, Massachusetts, USA
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