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My Warning and His Voice

June 2009

I was 15 years old and already renting a small flat behind some shops on the main street. This night I went to a friend’s house which was a walk about 20 mins away from where I lived. It too was near the milk bar where a lot of the local kids used to hang out as you did in the western suburbs in those days. When I decided it was time to walk home I realized it was after 10 at night I refused to let my friend walk me home and her mum was out at bingo so she couldn’t drive me.

When you came out of her drive way you could see the milk bar clearly, for a moment I thought in my head what if the local boys were there hanging out and being a self conscious young girl I thought I will walk down the laneway that ran behind the shops. As I had that thought I saw a woman in white (and she was illuminated and white all over) standing at the entrance of this laneway. A small distance from where I stood her hand was pointing towards the milk bar and then I heard her voice as if whispered in my actual ear all in that moment of seeing her she whispered "don’t go here". I knew right then and there I don’t go down that lane way. So I didn’t, I braved the shop way and with luck the boys weren’t there hanging out. I always think of that night and the "what if's" creep in. There was talk at the time of a seedy character that lived behind a shop in that laneway, I never saw him. I've been very lucky to have a spirit awareness of my existence and guidance since I was a toddler, so this particular experience seemed natural.

This second story is simple many of you reading this will remember the days when we had to tape music off the radio, when I was 14, it was school holidays I was in my room and I was "blanking" a tape I already had stuff on, by as you did pressing record quietly in my room. It was the middle of the day and I was in my room alone which was a small one. when I played each section back to make sure it was done well ( I was a bit of a perfectionist then) I’m listening then I hear some static and as clear as anything "hello ****" my name , in a man’s whisper his voice had expression . At first I didn’t believe it, I played it back probably about 10 times , I knew that it couldn’t have been there before because of my careful checking whenever I blanked my tapes. I eventually set it up in the kitchen for my mum and brother and sisters to hear, my mum broke the tape up after hearing it a few times. She is very spiritual herself but she felt that voice was at that time she described it as "evil".

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