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My Wedding

Paige, Virginia, USA
June 2006

This experience happened to my dad, but I'm guessing I was a part of it.

I was married on April 8, 2006. My dad told us this story on April 13 as we were eating dinner. My dad asked me if my granny ever called me "doodlebug." I said yes. Dad asked me if she was the only person who ever called me that. Again, my answer was yes.
My husband and I took my dad's white Corvette as our get-away car to our honeymoon. My dad came to our hotel and picked it up and left us his car to drive home the next day. My dad took the car to his store where it is stored. He went home, but realized that he had left his tux in the back of the car. He drove his truck back to his store to get the tux. As he was pulling into the parking lot of the store, his radio station went to dead air (as they sometimes do). A woman's voice came over the radio and said "My doodlebug was the most beautiful bride in the world tonight, wasn't she?" and the radio cut back on. My dad just started crying. As we were beginning to eat, I said, "Dad, remember when we were dancing at the wedding and you said you couldn't help but think of granny and I said don't worry about it because she is looking down on us now?"
I guess she really was looking over us on our special day. I don't know if I'm a believer in ghosts, but I am a true believer in angels. I don't know what to make of things like this happening, but something did happen. Has anyone else had an experience like this??

Paige, Virginia, USA
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