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My Youngest Son

Pam, NC, USA
January 2003

I come from a family who have had many ghostly encounters. We don't think of ourselves as being any more special than other families. We just got lucky (or unlucky depending on your point of view) in the paranormal department. My youngest son is no exception. I noticed from a very early age that some of his experiences were a little unusual.

The first time anything happened was when he was about 2 years old. He couldn't speak very well. I wondered if he would ever talk plain since he took longer than most kids. On this day, I was laying on my bed reading a book called 'Civil War Ghost Stories and Legends'. I was reading a story about John Brown, the famous abolitionist. I had just got to the part where his son was killed in the battle at Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. On the same page was a picture of John Brown. My son looked at the picture and as plain as day said, "That's my Father". He didn't say daddy which is what he has always called his Dad. And it was very plain. I was a little surprised and I asked him to repeat himself. Once again he said (this time pointing to the picture), "That's my Father". Needless to say, I immediately shut the book and took it back to the library.

Not long after the first incident, we were visiting my mother for the weekend who lived out of state. On the wall of her home, she has always had a picture of Jesus on her wall. Like I said before, my son was only 2, so I hadn't really explained Jesus to him and we never went to church at that time. He and I were sleeping on the floor on a pallet in my mother's living room and when we woke up the next morning he looked at the picture on the wall he said, "Mommy, the man in that picture talked to me last night". I asked him what he said and he answered, "He just said that He loved us and for me to be good". Then he told me that when the man in the picture talked to him, He had a "Light Circle" on his head. Now, I take that to mean a halo. The only problem is that in the picture, Jesus doesn't have a halo.

Now for the ghost part...

When my son was about 4 we moved. One day he started talking to an "imaginary friend" named Casper. I asked him why he called his friend that and he said it was because he was the friendly ghost. I didn't think much of it. Sometimes he would be watching TV and all of a sudden he would just look to the side and answer a question from "Casper". He would tell me that Casper wanted to tell me that I am pretty and things like that. Then one day I met our neighbor. She had lived in the house before we had. I hadn't heard my son talk to "Casper" for a few days and for some reason,I told her about him. She just went white as a sheet. She told me that the man who had lived in the house a couple of years before she moved in had committed suicide there. The other neighbors had called the police because his music was way too loud and when they got there they found the man dead in the hallway. That really freaked me out because my son would go into the hallway to talk to his "friend" sometimes.

My neighbor and I went into the house where he was and asked him where "Casper" was. He told us that Casper was gone because the POLICE came to take him away and that he was a bad man.

I don't have enough space here to tell you about all of our experiences, but I hope you enjoyed this one.

Pam, NC, USA
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