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Mysterious Hissing And The Room Of Sounds

Kevin, OR, USA
October 2011

There are several stories regarding my friend Moz’s house. It’s a nice, big farm-house on the fringe of Ashland. It’s run by Moz’s parents, Mary and Larry (I’m not making that up). They have cows, chickens, goats, horses, and even peacocks.

I had spent the night in their guest room a few times before, but nothing like this had ever happened. What happened last time I slept in that room, however, was the reason it was the LAST time. It took me a second to realize I had woken up, but was confused to find that it was still quite dark outside. I’m a light sleeper, so I figured something had woken me up. My mind then started remembering why I woke up, and a very human-like hissing sound came to mind. All of that happened within a few seconds.

I was confused. A hissing sound? That didn’t really make sens- "Ffsss!" My mind was interrupted by the sound again. Not fully convinced that it really happened, I held my breath, to make sure it wasn’t my nostrils making that sound. The seconds painfully passed as the room remained silent. "Ffsss!" It happened again, quite clear that time. Very quickly I got up and left the room, utterly terrified. I immediately went to the living room to check the time. 5:13 AM. I played Fable until Moz finally came downstairs around 10:00 AM.

I retold the story to her, but she didn’t seem too interested, like she didn’t believe me. We went in the room and looked. I found out there was another door in the room that lead outside (with a tiny window above it), but it was against the back wall, behind a large mattress. To this day I have no idea what that was, and why it sounded so human. Moz said it might have been one of their cats hissing, but I know a cat hiss as opposed to a human hiss. And it was more of a ffsss sound anyway.

The Room of Sounds

After a while of knowing Moz, we’d gotten pretty close. Rather than sleeping in that creepy old guest room, I slept on the top bunk of Moz’s bunk bed. She sleeps with ear plugs, and I can see why now. Her room makes some of the creepiest sounds, and her parents are rather loud when they get up early in the morning (Moz’s room being between theirs and the stairs).

One night, I was awoken by what sounded like poster paper being messed with on Moz’s shelf. The shelf is on the same wall as the head of the bed, which means I couldn’t see what it was that made the sound. I managed to get back to sleep. In the morning, I surveyed Moz’s shelf, but found nothing resembling poster paper. The only paper was a small stack of printer paper under a cardboard box.

Another night, I was woken up by the sound of creaking floorboards. The sound was coming from the room, as if someone was walking by. I would have thought it was Moz, if she wasn’t at a friend’s house that night. Her creaky door wasn’t opened either, which means it wasn’t someone coming in for any reason.

I told her about both of these events, but she still seems uninterested. She said she knew the house makes creepy noises, especially her room, that I wasn’t the only one to hear them. A few times, I heard mice or rats skittering up inside the wall behind my head. Some mornings, I’ll hear and feel the bed move as if Moz is sleeping a bit restlessly, even if she’d gotten up before me and gone downstairs. The house is very old, and was owned by her family since it was build. I’d like to think that ghosts of her ancestors are still living there, but that’s a bit ridiculous, isn’t it?

Kevin, OR, USA
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