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Mysterious Night Creatures

Thorn, Missouri, USA
January 2008

My family consists of my step-dad (who might as well be my real dad), mother, and my little brother.

The house we lived in was built during the time of the Civil War, so it was in an interesting condition. The building itself was like two houses put together and separated by a wall. We lived in a suburb area only containing a couple children of ages from three to ten years old.

At the time my brother was going through his, "I'm scared of the dark." So every night I would sleep next to him until he fell a sleep and I'd go crawl into my bed for the rest of the night.

That night, I'd been talking to my friend until around mid-night. By the time I finally hung up the cell, everyone in the house was asleep. It took me a while to slip into sleep but when I did it only lasted a couple hours. I woke up with this intense headache so I slid down the hall and into the kitchen. I pour a glass of water and looked out the window just above the sink.

On a normal basis, the house across the street had one van, an older man who was over weight, and his wife. They lived alone with each other and hardly ever talked with people. His wife came over a couple times to talk to my mom but that was about it. So I found extremely odd that there were these two thin lanky people standing in their yard. One of them looked like an average human but since it was so dark I couldn't see any of his features. He had his back to me anyway. All I saw was this outline covered in white. He was standing there beneath the terribly dim streetlight. Due to the last ice storm we had, the number of streetlights in our area had been decreased. I had been so focused on the white figure I had forgotten about the other until he started moving down the sidewalk. His arms reached all the way down to the concrete. But this was only an outline of him so I thought maybe for a second he was on crutches.

The way he moved was inhuman and so quick that I wiped that thought away. No man could move that quick on crutches. Not only that but the arm-like things bended. I found myself just standing there, the glass of water in my hand, watching them with this dreadful feeling. I couldn't move and I couldn't look away. My eyes were getting watery because they weren't blinking. The one in white was must have said something because the black figure stopped and stiffly turned towards my house. That's when he was staring right at me. Under the streetlight I noticed he didn't have any form of face. It was just darkness. My heart was racing and I was crying. I wanted to leave but I couldn't.

The white figure slowly turned around and looked at me. The black figure looked at him and started to go down the street and pace back. While the black figure was pacing the white one took a step forward and I was taking a step back. Right into something hard. I jolted in fear as to what it might be. It was our kitchen table. At this moment my eyes caught the clock and it was four something, an hour from when I entered the kitchen. I'd been standing there and hour watching those two figures. With the glass still in my hand was fast-walked to my little brother's room and hid beneath the covers. I started crying because I didn't know what else to do. I thought I was going insane. Those two figures. They saw me! I kept thinking, "What are they? Are they coming for me?"

I didn't wake up until the sun came through the window. For the rest of that day I was shaking and shivering. Not only because I was afraid but I had strangely caught the flu. I was coughing and wheezing and lost my voice just over one single night. I was talking with my friend perfectly fine that night. The only person I told the story to was my little brother, which wasn't a good idea, and my best friend.

Every night my family lived in that house, I didn't look out the kitchen window at night. My family moves every three years due to the military so I was slightly happy to get out of the house.

Thorn, Missouri, USA
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