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Mysterious Toys

Vicky, MA, USA
September 1999

My mom lives in an old farmhouse, and there has always been strange things that have happened, such as shadows appearing when you are the only one in the house, footsteps upstairs when no one is there. There has always been a presence there but it never really spooked me.......until one day............

I was there with my 6 month old daughter alone, and she was in her walker, with rattles and other little toys on the tray. She had thrown them all on the floor and I went into the other room for a minute to get something and when I came back all the toys were back on the tray. There was no way that she could have gotten the toys without tipping the walker over and there was no one in the house. I was really spooked by the incident. For some reason my daughter just laughed and she seemed fine with it. It was almost as if her guardian angel was letting her know that she was there watching over her.

Vicky, MA, USA
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