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Mystery Man (1)

Deana, Ontario, Canada
July 2006

I have always had experiences with spirits for a long as I can remember and I have always been able to sense them and hear them.
We (my fianc? and I) moved into our new apartment in February 2006 and there was no sign of any spirit activity. For the first two months the apartment was quiet and peaceful. I then started to notice little things would happen mainly in our living room. My candle holder on my coffee table would be knocked over and the T.V remote would be on the floor rather in the basket where we keep all of our remotes. I just ignored these happenings and went on with my usual routine.
After a while my fianc? started to notice that the picture of our nieces on top of our entertainment unit would be turned around and facing the wall. Then our T.V volume would randomly go up and down on our brand new T.V. All this went on for about a month then seemed to quiet down for a week or two.

One night I came home from work towards the end of May 2006, at 12:30 am I was walking up my stairs and noticed what I thought was my fianc?, sitting in the living room on the rocking chair in total darkness. I said "Hi honey, I will be out in a minute to talk to you, I just want to put my p-jays on." He waived at me but did not say anything. I went into our bedroom and found my fianc? asleep in our bed not even aware that I was home. I turned the hall light on and peeked my head around the corner and found that the man sitting in our rocking chair was gone. At this point I decided it was time to go to bed. When I got into the bedroom it smelled so strongly of lilac that I was unable to fall asleep. After about a half hour of the smell I began to get a headache. I politely said out lout "thank you for the wonderful smell but I am trying to sleep and it is keeping me awake. Could you please make it stop?" Not two seconds later it was gone.
As I said at the beginning I have may encounters with hearing and sensing spirits but this is the first time I have ever had a visual of one. We live in an old house that has been turned into apartments and we do not know the history of the house but we are sure we will seen our mystery man again. Maybe next time I will be able to get his name.
Thanks for letting me share my story.

Deana, Ontario, Canada
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