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Mystery of Three

Myku Chang, CA, USA
June 2001

Nothing happened that night when we went to sleep. We had set out some blankets therefore sleeping out on the family room floor. The night went on slowly and my grandmother was over. We all went to sleep.

* * *

Early the next morning about 4:00 in the morning, my father awoke to come and check on the water leakage in the kitchen. I was awakened by that as my father went back to bed. Just then, while glancing silently at the kitchen for no reason, I saw the most weirdest thing. It was a small figure, about 7 inches tall, full-figured and dressed in white dancing on the counter top. It was frightening all of a sudden to just see a figure in my house, that small, dancing in my house.

Before I knew it, it disappeared and a head appeared in its exact spot. The head looked as any other head would look like. The face was laughing wildly and non-stop at me. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen. My mind spun in circles as I wondered if they were real or just my imagination.

* * *

That morning, I told my mother about it and she believed me. When my father walked into the room, he didn't believe me. He thought that I was making it up because he was also up that morning too and he didn't see anything. But, then, in a way, it was still possible for me to see and not him. It was entirely believable to my mom.

A couple of days later, my parents told my Aunt about it. My aunt was a Shaman, therefore she could do some ritual thing and find out if what I saw was real.

After the ceremony of looking through my house, the spirits were found. They were there, they were real. There were two female spirits and one male spirit living among us. And that was what I had seen.

It was not fake, it was not a dream, it was real.

Myku Chang, CA, USA
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