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Mystery To Me!

Helen, Newcastle, UK
November 2000

I'm not sure whether all of the things that have happened to me are linked but I have experienced weird things since I was about thirteen years of age. It's not only me who has experienced these things but close friends have seen things also.

The first thing that happened to me took place in the house I live in now, which was built in 1991.

At the time I was about thirteen and my younger sister Sarah who was about eleven were in my bedroom. Sarah was listening to my CD player and taping some songs and I was getting ready to meet my friend Emma who was coming to my house to meet me.

My bedroom is very big and Sarah was over near the CD player in the far side of the room on my bed and I was getting ready in the mirror next to the door. The music was very loud at the time and I was singing along to the songs when something grabbed hold of my hip. I spun around and screamed at Sarah because I thought she had grabbed me, but she was still sitting on the bed. I immediately spun round and shouted "Emma!" expecting her to be standing in my door laughing, but she wasn't, there wasn't anyone else in the room and Sarah was scared because she didn't know what had touched me. All I can describe the feeling of the touch was like a warm sensation going through my hip but the grip was really hard.

I'm not sure how long after the above the following happened. Emma was over my house one Friday night after school and we were getting ready to go out to meet our other friends. I was lying on my bed watching the TV because I was ready and waiting for Emma to get ready. Emma was sitting on the sofa-bed putting on her make-up. My Mom and Dad usually used to pop their heads round the door to check up on me and to make sure we weren't getting up to any trouble. The position of the mirror on the wall Emma was looking in isn't in front of my bedroom door, but you can see who is coming into the bedroom when you are looking into it. Emma smiled into the mirror and said hello and waved then turned around to face the door. She sat staring at the door and said to me "I've just seen your Dad", she couldn't possibly have seen my Dad as he and my Mom were out and my sister was over her friends house so that ruled her out. I said to her "You couldn't have seen him, there's nobody else in apart from us too". Emma's face went white and she said "Now that I think about it he didn't really look like your Dad, he was quite similar but a lot older and he looked pale and he smiled at me". We were both pretty freaked out and scared so we looked around the house and nobody else was in. I later found out that the description of the person Emma gave me was the exact description of my Grandfather who died before I was born.

I can't really remember when I started seeing the lady. She always appears to me when I'm lying in bed trying to go to sleep. She always appears in the same place in my bedroom in the corner above the door. She's extremely beautiful even though I can't really see her face properly - I just get a feeling she is. She wears a bonnet which is tied under her chin and she had a sort of brooch under her chin. Her hair is fair. She looks quite young. The strange thing is I can't see the rest of her body, just her neck and head. I see her quite often but I only started seeing her about two years ago. I've seen her about twelve times. She doesn't scare me but sometimes when I'm tired and I really need to go to sleep I can tell she's there even when I don't look at her. She doesn't seem to be evil or anything - exactly the opposite, she seems to want me to look at her but I have to look away. I don't know why.

My friend Jill, and her boyfriend Steven, slept at my house about a year ago and during the night Steven turned over in bed and saw her. He said he was so scared he wouldn't get out of bed to go to the bathroom and he slept with his head under the quilt cover for the rest of the night. He told Jill in the morning when she woke up what he had saw and she told him not to be stupid. He must have been dreaming.

It wasn't until Jill mentioned this to me when I finally realised I mustn't be going funny in the head. I asked her what the lady looked like without telling her I saw her all the time and the description of the lady matched the description of the lady I see to this day.

I don't know who she is I have no idea and I have just recently told my family and friends about her. I don't know whether to go to see a spiritualist or somebody to see if they can tell me.

Steven has never come to my house again - it freaks him out!!

A friend of mine Carl was over at my house one night. My parents were out having a meal and my sister was out with her friends. We watched a video and then Carl went outside into the back garden to have a cigarette. I stood at the door talking to him while he was walking around the garden kicking a football. He looked up at the spare rooms window and said "Hey look! there's your Dad". I told him not to be daft, he knew that my parents were out. He looked at the window and kept staring. He kept saying "Helen come and see, there's a man at your window". I got really scared, so scared that the hairs on the back of my neck prickled and I felt frozen to the spot. I couldn't look up a the window I couldn't move and I've never felt as spooked out in my entire life. Carl said he was going to walk to the top of the garden and turn around. If the man was still there he said he was going to really freak out. He walked to the top of the garden and turned around "He's gone!!" he said.

Carl came back into the house and we went straight into the lounge. We were so scared Carl said he wouldn't leave me in the house alone until my parents or sister came home. I had to find out what was upstairs though, I just needed to look in the spare room to reassure me that there wasn't going to be anybody 'coming to get me'. I made Carl come upstairs - and we put all of the lights on in the house on the way up. It seemed to take me ages to pluck up the courage to open the door to the spare room, my heart was beating like crazy. I was sure it had a perfectly reasonable explanation like my Mom had hung some clothes up to dry in front of the window above the radiator for example. I opened the door and there was nothing there. There wasn't anything in front of the window or on the windowsill to even make a shadow from the garden.

I hate the spare room I refuse to go to sleep on a nighttime unless the door is closed. It makes me feel really uneasy.

Thats about everything, I just don't understand why these things are happening to me or who these apparitions are.

Helen, Newcastle, UK
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