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Nan's Haunted House

Anonymous, Nova Scotia, Canada
August 2015

This story is my own story that happened not too long ago. The date today is Friday April 14th, 2016, this event occurred around December 17th, 2015.

Okay, so I was spending the week before Christmas with my Grandmother. I love going to her house!! It's amazing! I've moved away in September, so I don't really get to see her. I was pretty much blessed when I went down. So, I was sitting in the kitchen on the counter with my sister Elizabeth, my friend Devin, and my cousin Alli. We were playing truth or dare, JUST THEN ( dom dom dommmmm) we all heard three knocks on the basement door. The basement is connected to the kitchen. We thought it was just my cousin Scott pranking us. So, we all got up and lined up by the basement door. I was first, Devin second, Alli third, and Elizabeth forth. I was going to open the basement door, then I pushed Devin in front of me. He locked the chain to the door and opened it, nobody was there. We unlocked the door and turned on the light, but there was no sign of anybody.

We didn't think anything of it, we just sat back down and talked. But, we kept hearing knocks on the windows, and people laughing. We went to the living room where my grandmother was and we had told her what had happened. She laughed, but then asked how many knocks we heard. "Three" I said.

She had stopped laughing and asked me if anyone had opened the door, and I told her that we did.

"That is a way that spirits communicate with people. That was an evil spirit. You might've let it in." She told us.

In the living room, the chair was by the door and the couches were on the opposite side of the room, and Devin was sitting on the chair (being the one that was scared the most). He saw orbs flying around in the dinning room and by the stairs. He cried, which was kinda funny, no lie. I was on one of the couches snuggled up with Alli and Elizabeth was on the other side of Alli, while my Grandmother was just sitting on the other couch, watching TV. The TV then turned off by itself, and that's when everybody got more scared, but my grandmother, she wasn't scared at all.

Then... MY NAN HAD TO TELL FRICKEN GHOST STORIES THAT HAPPENED TO HER!!!!!!!!! We all got really scared (NOT MY NAN!!) And I was like "DEATHH!" And all I wanted was my uncle to come home, but he couldn't drive past midnight and it was like two in the morning.

Then, my Grandmother started talking about this blind guy that was drunk that had died a night she wouldn't let him leave his house (because he was drunk and blind, and she didn't want him to get hurt) and all of sudden, right above her head, there was a huge "SMASH!" from the closest, darkest, creepiest house in the house. Nobody want to go up to check it out. Then we heard children laughing.

My nan said that at the end of the dead end dirt road, there was a house that burnt to the ground. In it lived 2 men a women and 12 children, they all burnt to death. We all got really scared (but my nan) and nobody would go upstairs. Then... My nan went upstairs, and so did Devin and I, with one of the dogs, and everything was in place. Nothing was moved. So, we went back down to the living room and told Alli and Elizabeth that it was a picture that had fallen, so they didn't get scared even more.

Ghostly stuff kept happening, so I called my uncle. I told him what happened and he told me to go to the basement door (in the dark) open it and yell, "Fred, Mikey said to leave us alone." I surely didn't want to do that.

He told me that Fred died in the driveway... Then he told me to just yell "BANANAS!" And I started to laugh, and everybody looked at me strangely. So I did, I yelled bananas. A few moments later, we were kinda over it. We went to sleep. Devin on one couch, Alli and I on one couch, and Elizabeth on the other. Alli slept on the floor because I pushed her off in my sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night, and I felt something. I looked over to the door way and saw a figure walk to the doorway, stand, and go up the stairs.. It didn't come back down. I ignored it, but heard footsteps up in the room the thump happened in. It was really hard to fall asleep.

In the morning I had asked everyone if they heard or saw something walk to the door, stop, then go upstairs, and they all said yes.

Anonymous, Nova Scotia, Canada
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