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Nan Are You There?

Gemma Sulston, UK
March 2002

My Aunt has always claimed to be able to see ghosts, for instance after my Grandmother died my Aunt said she was still there, her spirit was still in the house.

As a child I spent every weekend and holiday at my nans house, I didn't realise at the time but my mum went there so often because my nan had breast cancer, she was diagnosed with it even before my older brother was born.

Her house was as familiar to me as my own house was, I used to play there, run up and down the stairs without a care in the world. Not even a year after she died my Grandad decided to get remarried, it wasn't because he had fallen in love but because he just couldn't cope with being on his own. Anyway he started moving his furniture out and one day I was sitting in the living room watching Neighbours, I was about 12 years old. My Dad and Grandad were outside working on the drive and I was the only one in the house, all of a sudden I got the feeling that I wasn't alone that there was someone watching me. I kept looking out of the corner of my eye expecting to see someone, the feeling got so intense and so stifling that I ended up sitting on the doorstep in the freezing cold.

Another day when all the furniture had been moved out, my Dad went down to fix the ceiling in the Kitchen, I didn't want to go but he made me, as soon as I stepped in the house I got that feeling again like someone was watching me, I remember feeling scared but I didn't know why. As soon as I could I ran out of the house and never stepped a foot inside again. The thing is no one told me until after my Grandad was remarried and the house had been sold about what my Aunt had claimed. They also told me how they had caught my Grandad sitting in his room talking to "my Nan", like she was still alive.

Also my Aunt and Uncle said that every now and then when they walked in or past my Nans room they could smell her perfume (they were living there at the time). I don't know if after she died and her spirit stayed, but I also don't understand if it was her that made me feel so uncomfortable then why was I so scared, I loved my nan why would I be scared of her?

My Aunt still claims to have seen ghosts around and her son, my little cousin used to wave and talk (though he was so young he didn't know many words) to someone called Ted. Every time they got to a certain part of the the graveyard on the way to put flowers on my nans grave he'd wave and talk to Ted, it was always in the same spot and always to Ted. This went on for quite a few months until one day they walked past the spot and my cousin did nothing, he didn't wave or call out Ted's name, Ted had gone. My Uncle looked at the graves in the area but there was none with the name Edward or Ted. We know it was not a child playing a game he was too young to think up such a thing and his 'talking to Ted' consisted of mainly baby talk.

My cousin who is also called Edward is 6 years old now and when ever in the years since he learnt to talk we asked him who Ted was, we never got an answer.

Why do some people see ghosts and others don't? I have never seen a ghost though I do believe, but still I've never seen one and I don't think I ever will, which I'm quite happy about. So I don't think it is right that you only see if you believe, I believe but I do not see!

Anyway thank you for reading my long winded and very likely boring story.

Gemma Sulston, UK
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