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Native American Stories - The Real Deal

L. Warrior, Oklahoma, USA
March 1998

Iam a Native American and I have experienced many strange stories. We Natives are highly superstitious and we believe in a lot of myths. One of the myths is if you ever drive alone by yourself on lonely dirt roads too never look in your rearview mirror because you could see someone either in your backseat or someone or SOMETHING behind you in your vehicle. My uncle found this out the hard way. It was late one night about 3 am and he and his girlfriend were driving around. He dropped her off and he wasn't ready to go home just yet. He decided to cruise around on the backroads by himself. Theres this one road that no one hardly ever goes down by themselves ESPECIALLY at night but he was trying to be brave and so he went down it. Now when you go on this road you'll be on it for a long time and you cant get off because it's just one long road that'll take you to the next town which is about twenty minutes away. So he was driving and it started out ok but when he got to cry baby bridge is when the "FUN" began. He suddenly he starts hearing people in his back seat. He said it sounded like there was about three of them back there. He kept on driving but the "people" started bothering him and started kicking and pushing his seat and he didn't wanna look in the back seat but he decided to anyway. So just as he was about too look in the back the voices said "I wouldn't do that if I were you" and that really scared him so he started hauling ass in his car trying to get off the road faster but the more faster he went the more they bothered him. He yelled at them to leave him alone but they just kept kicking his seat and pushing his head. My uncle was pretty scared by now. He sees the town lights coming up and he thought since he was almost off he'd look in his rearview mirror and he did and he saw 4 people in his backseat and they didn't have any faces but he could still hear voices so he flicked on the dome light real quick and there wasn't anything in the backseat except a couple of drops of blood where each thing was sitting.

Don't believe this if you want but I swear it's the truth. To this day my uncle will no longer go anywhere near that road and he wont go driving by himself anywhere at night. I even had my own experience with driving around by myself at night and trust me don't look in your back seat should you hear something until your in the town or city.

I promise this is the truth !!!

L. Warrior, Oklahoma, USA
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