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Native American Wind

Jenn, MA, USA
October 2000

I'm sure many people start to question historical facts, and their ancestry at some point in their lives. Then there are the people that believe so much in where they're from and who they are, that there's no doubt in their mind, that their ancestors were right about everything. Even the legends, and spiritual beliefs that their ancestors fought so hard to protect.

Being Native American I guess you can say I've opened the portal to my mind. I believe strongly in the fact that there are spirits of the past roaming this earth, not visible to the ignorant, yet clear as day to the ones willing to know.

Behind my house there are nothing but trees that go on for miles and miles. I was up late one night sitting in the bay window watching the steady rain pour down and listening to music, when I got this feeling inside the pit of my stomach. I leaned in closer to the window and I saw movement in the trees, this kind of white apparition just rummaging through the woods. I pulled on my jacket and slipped on my shoes and went outside. I went into the woods, strangely enough, not fearing a thing. As I got closer to this magnificent view of something ordinary people don't see, a figure started to bloom. It was a young Native American man, no older than 30. I could make out long black hair and the animal hide he had been wearing. I stood there and watched, so close to him that if he were mortal, I could reach out and touch him. It seemed to me as if he were looking for something. Before I realized what it was I was doing, I was speaking to the apparition, asking if I could help him find what it was he was looking for. He looked up at me, yet I didn't get the chills which surprised me. It felt and I acted as if he were a living mortal. I blinked, and felt a huge rush of wind. When I opened my eyes, he was gone.

About 2 months later, I got that feeling again, so I went to my window. I saw the young man again, this time looking; staring up at my window. Then I got this weird feeling I can't quite describe, the feeling that he finally found what it was he's been looking for.

Jenn, MA, USA
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