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Native Mansion Haunting

Sara Valento, MN, USA
September 2005

When I was younger, my family and I (2 older brothers, one of them 5 one of them 16, mother, and father) lived in a beautiful mansion some where in Ridge Creek, MN. We had everything we could ever want, my parents had a multi- million dollar computer company called PC Tailors, a big family, house, back yard with a forest, everything. Life was so great for us, but, after a few months of living in that house, strange things started to happen to us. I have a few experiences that went on in that house that I would like to share.

One night, my oldest brother, who slept in our basement of our 3 story house, heard something in his room. He opened his eyes to see what it was, and a Native American was standing right there, he said that the native looked like a Chief or someone important because they had a headdress on with white and brown eagle feathers on it. My brother was so scared, but he couldn't look away, he said the native started to talk to him, and the "Chief" said something along the lines of, "This is not yours, and you must leave now!" My brother, jumped out of bed and ran upstairs to my parents room. He told them what had happened, my mom, being spiritual, believed him, my father, didn't. My dad went down to the basement to see if anything was wrong there, he didn't see anything. My brother was so scared he didn't want to sleep in that house. He started to spend a lot of his time sleeping at his friends' houses to stay away from what he had seen that night.

Another night, I was playing in my room just before bed time, and I had to go to the bathroom, I was just recently potty-trained, so, I got up to use the bathroom, and my door was closed. I tried to open it, but it wouldn't open, it was really weird because the door didn't have a lock on it. I couldn't get out, I started to panic. I pounded on the door and screamed and kicked and cried until my mom came to the room, she opened the door and hugged me and comforted me, I explained to her that the door wouldn't open, and that some one was holding it shut, but my mom said, the door was not being held shut, because she was able to get in with no problem. I was horrified, and at this point, I wet myself. I never knew what had happened with the door that day.

A different night, I was sleeping in my room, and I sat up and sat up abruptly. I reached out with my eyes closed, I didn't even notice I was doing this because I was still sleeping. Then, I opened my eyes and woke up, I saw what i was reaching for, it was a glass of water. I realized how thirsty I was, my mouth was dry and I was still half asleep. The glass of water started to move away from me, as if it were leading me somewhere? I didn't understand what was happening, so I continued to reach for it. I was unable to grab it as it floated near my bed room door which was at the foot of my bed. Nothing was holding it up, nothing else was in the room. There was nothing. I had no idea what was going on, I was too scared again to go get a drink of water that I desperately wanted. So I huddled in a ball under my covers and fell back asleep.

The worst, scariest, and most memorable thing that had happened to me in that house was the dream of the native woman and her baby. In the dream, I was a native woman, sitting on a white horse with brown spots on it. I remember looking around and seeing that I was in my back yard only, my house wasn't there. I remember looking down and seeing a young girl, and thinking that shes my daughter, but only, she wasn't my daughter, she was really my mother, I remember she was reaching for me and wanted me to lift her up onto my saddle, I remember thinking as the native woman, that I couldn't because I had to go somewhere and do something, but I don't remember what it was.

When I woke up, I went right to my mother and my aunt who were drinking coffee and getting ready for work. I remember telling her, " Mommy? Do you remember when I was big and you were little?" My mom had no idea what I was talking about. I said " Yeah, we were right over there, ( I pointed to the exact spot in my back yard where I was as a native woman and my mother was my baby) and I had long black hair, and I was on a horse, and you were my daughter." My mom was freaked out that I would have a dream about something like that. We moved out of that house because we lost the business and my parents got a divorce shortly after those experiences.

Not too long ago, I asked her about it, and she told me some interesting things about that house. She still remembered the dream I had too, and she told me that she did some research on the area we lived in. She said that every family that has lived there since has moved out, got divorced, and lost everything. EVERY SINGLE FAMILY! They live in the house a year or two, then, things go down hill. My mom also said, that she read in the news paper while we live in that house, that there were native American pots and tools found in the river not too far behind my house. Just hearing that gave me goose bumps, and made me realize, it all really happened.

Sara Valento, MN, USA
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